Whimseybox Faux Agate Jewelry

When I got this Whimseybox kit a few months ago I was so excited to make it, but life got in the way and it fell to the wayside.

Whimseybox Faux Agate Jewelry

The kit was full of all the essentials I needed. I was surprised how much clay I got. I also loved how they packaged the razor blade. I recently (accidentally) cut myself with a razor so yes it’s SHARP! The kit also includes a step-by-step guide, or you can follow along online.

Whimseybox Faux Agate Jewelry

Now to start you need to warm up the clay you want to use. The clay blockers were perforated into 3 sections, so I just took one section of each color. I kneaded it until it was warm and pliable. Then I rolled it into balls. Once I had one white one and one purple one I split each. Then I rolled each section into its own ball. Make sure to wipe your hands between the colors. I had purple on my hands and it got all over the white clay.

Whimseybox Faux Agate Jewelry

Now I rolled the one with both colors into a colorful ball. I pulled it a little and mushed the colors together until I liked the pattern that was happening.

Whimseybox Faux Agate Jewelry

Next I had to roll each into a long roll. Kind of like dough for cookies (but itty bitty cookies).

Whimseybox Faux Agate Jewelry

Now I took all three rolls next to each other and made a giant S shape with the clay. From there I kneaded the clay all together until I got an awesome marble look. Then I rolled that into and even bigger ball.

Whimseybox Faux Agate Jewelry

Next we make the jewelry. I tore off a part to make the earrings and the rest I formed into a thin square shape. You don’t need to make it completely square (that is what the razor is for). Then I split the piece I tore off into two smaller sections for the earrings. I cut the top and sides of the necklace piece with the razor and made the bottom a rounder shape.

Whimseybox Faux Agate Jewelry

I decided I didn’t want round circle earrings, so I shaped them into triangles. Then I put them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet and baked them for 10 minutes at 275 degrees.

Whimseybox Faux Agate Jewelry

Once the clay was finished baking I let it cool off for a little while. Now it was time to decorate! I used the glue provided and covered the bottom of the necklace, then I poured the glitter on the bottom to give it some sparkle.

Whimseybox Faux Agate Jewelry

Then I used the glue to attach the earring backs and the back of the necklace clasp. This you had to attach then leave to dry for a few hours. Then I was done!

Whimseybox Faux Agate Jewelry

I am definitely going to try this again with other fun color combinations! I want to make some cool clay shapes that I have seen in the store.

If you want to try this project out yourself you can buy the kit online.


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