Where is Fall?

I think Fall forgot it was supposed to be around for a few weeks…

It has been FREEZING here and it makes me sad. Even though it was cold we still headed to Rutgers for the last home game of the season. It was cold, but at least it was sunny. It has rained the last few games and that is even more miserable. I made friends with a tailgate next to us. They were playing stumps…aka throwing a hammer then catching it and trying to hammer a nail into a tree stump. It was interesting and also fun. I even won one game!

Weekends in November

We bundled up and headed into the game a little late. Cheryl and I also had to leave early to go pick up my cousin in New York. We left at half time, but luckily Rutgers won!

The following day was a local run for our city. I did it a few years ago and it was completely unorganized, but they have gotten their act together. Cheryl and I had 8 miles on the schedule so we did 5 before the run and then included the 3 for the run.

Weekends in November

We were originally all going to run together, but runs make me competitive so I pulled ahead and Jill kept up. I think I made her run faster than she is used to, but she kept pace with me and we finished in 30 minutes.

Weekends in November

Spencer, Cheryl and Kristen did not come in too long after us. Cheryl and Kristen had an all out sprint to the finish!

After the run we decided to go to the Original Pancake House for breakfast…because I mean after you run 3 miles you get to treat yourself right?

Weekends in November

They had tons of specialty pancakes as well as waffles, omelets and sandwiches. I went with a California omelette which also came with 3 buttermilk pancakes. IT WAS MASSIVE! It was also delicious and I almost ate all of it. The pancakes were delicious too and I finished those off. I counted it as breakfast and lunch because they must have used 10-12 eggs in that thing.

Now it’s Wednesday and it’s even colder than it has been…thanks Polar Vortex! Let’s hope it warms up before the Philadelphia Marathon this weekend!


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