Gearing Up for the Holidays

Happy Friday everyone!

I swear the holiday season happens earlier and earlier every year. As soon as Halloween was over BAM it’s Christmas time. Whatever happened to celebrating Thanksgiving?!?

Christmas before Thanksgiving

With the holiday season also comes holiday shopping and spending lots of $$$ which I really don’t have.

Shut Up and Take My Money

So in that spirit I decided to dedicate this Friday post to what I want for Christmas! Hint Hint ;)

Op Art Duvet Cover

Op Art Duvet Cover + Shams - Slate

Every year it seems I change out my duvet cover. I LOVE this block pattern from West Elm

Techno Be Free Knicker

Techno Be Free Knicker

Lately I have fallen in love with Athleta. Everything I buy from there is just so comfortable! I love the design on these pants and the best part is they have a drawstring….I NEED one in my running pants

Rebel Runner Jacket

Rebel Runner Jacket

Running in the winter is tough. Not only because it’s freezing, but also because it always seems like the times I can run it’s dark out. This jacket from Lululemon has reflective cuffs so I can be seen in the dark. I would also wear it just because it’s so cute!

Full Finger Crossfit Glove

Full Finger Glove

Right now I use fingerless Crossfit gloves, but I noticed a few people with full finger gloves and I want to see if that will help me on the pull up bar (I always slip!)

Dalek Ugly Sweater

Dalek Ugly Sweater

I personally don’t think this sweater is ugly….I think it’s cool! Seriously though a Dalek Christmas sweater? I need this!

Last but not least I NEED a car starter this year. I bought my 2013 RAV4 last year and I got through the winter somehow, but this year I need a warm car to get into.

Happy Holidays!! Anything else I should add to my list?


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