Whimseybox Calligraphy Kit

Wow I have not done a Whimseybox post in a while! And let me tell you, they were starting to stack up!

Whimseybox Calligraphy

A few months ago Whimseybox sent me an online survey about their subscription box. I love surveys so of course I filled it out and I won a gift certificate! I decided to choose a kit on the website that seemed interesting and useful and I came across the calligraphy one.

Whimseybox Calligraphy

I was very excited when this came in the mail. I always love the outside of the card designs. This one I might have to tear off and frame.

Whimseybox Calligraphy

The kit came with all the essentials that I would need. It came with A LOT of extra paper, just in case you mess up, which is easy to do. I messed up in the first minute! I attached the nib to the pen holder like instructed, but didn’t realize they gave me two at different sizes. I could not figure out why it would not fit into the pen holder until I realized I only needed one!

Whimseybox Calligraphy

I started making lines and shapes like instructed, but the upstroke was really difficult for me. Not sure if it was the way I was holding the pen or maybe I didn’t have enough ink….Harry Potter made it look so easy!

Harry Potter Quill

Oh well! After the random scribbles I decided to attempt letters from the letter guide they gave me. I think I did a little bit better with that, but still not spectacular.

Whimseybox Calligraphy

After practicing for about an hour I decided to finally attempt a sign they had given me to replicate. I mean the “ain’t nobody got time for that” phrase is one of my favorite! I really need to work on the thicker down strokes, but I kept running out of in or it pooled.

I have a lot of paper left over so I am definitely going to keep practicing and try it again. It is definitely a useful skill for a designer to know how to write calligraphy!


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