Goodbye Oasis

So it is now officially fall/winter. Why now? This past weekend we had to finally take down the backyard oasis we built.

Backyard Gazebo

It was so nice while it lasted. It took a while to put up, but not very long to take down.

Goodbye Backyard Oasis

We took it down systematically so hopefully it will be a snap to put back up next year. Since the metal is so thin we don’t think the winter or snow will effect it much….fingers crossed!

Goodbye Backyard Oasis

After we took down the gazebo we realized we should really do the leaves. It’s still early in the season, but our horrible neighbor next door never cleans hers up so we always have SO MANY since they all blow into our yard.

Goodbye Backyard Oasis

It took a good 3 hours to take down the gazebo, clean up the leaves and mow the lawn for the last time this year…goodbye summer!


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