Dining Room Makeover Ideas

So a few months ago I posted about my dream living room space.

Looking around my house there are a lot of rooms I would love to revamp. I am especially into vintage looks now and I can’t wait to finish my Singer sewing table. I plan on putting it in the dining room along one of the blank walls. While thinking the dining room I realized there are a lot of things I would love to change about it. I recently discovered a website called Chairish that has amazing vintage furniture and decor. So I got to planning.

Chairish Dining Room

So I decided my color scheme would be grays with hints of color. I am thinking mainly yellows with a few blue green accents thrown in.

First I would start with a cool rug like this one by Issac Mizrahi. I love the great geometric shapes and the colors. We already have a dining room table like this Jensen Lewis table. It’s a dark wood with 6 chairs. The bottoms of the chairs need a huge revamp. They are a blue and white flower pattern right now. I would probably choose a subtle yellow blend like this. Next I have always wanted a bar cart. We have most of our alcohol all over the house, so it would be nice to have it set up when company comes over. I would probably add some wallpaper to the bottom of the cart to make the top look nicer. This metallic leaf wallpaper is gorgeous! Next would be lighting. The room is set up with overhead lighting and we have a pretty old chandelier right now. I would change it out for something more modern. Lastly I have always wanted a hoosier. My friend Lauren got one from her parents and I think it is so cool! This one is in really great shape, but I would probably paint it a bright color to make it the centerpiece of the room. I love yellow!

Chairish has a lot of amazing vintage pieces. If you have time to browse the site you definitely need to. Just make sure you have enough time. I found myself on it for hours drooling over everything.


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