Running through the weekend

Happy November! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty hectic, but what else is new.

On Friday I decided to get into the Halloween spirit at work and dress up like a cowgirl.

Weekend Fun

I, however, was the only one in the office that still likes to dress up. Oh well..their loss! I left work a little early assuming that kids would start trick-or-treating right after school. I was sadly mistaken. I didn’t get my first trick-or-treater until 5:30pm and I only got about 15-20 throughout the rest of the night. What a bust! Why don’t kids trick-or-treat anymore? It is a right of passage!!!

I know a lot of people went out to the bars dressed up on Friday night, but we had a super early wake-up for the Rutgers game the next day so I just stayed home. Lame-o!

Weekend Fun

Of course like every other Rutgers game this year it was raining on Saturday morning. Since it was a noon game my friends wanted to be there by 7:00am which meant getting up at 5:30am :(

Not only was it raining…it was also FREEZING! Luckily Cheryl and I had decided to bring our new Miller Lite grill e got in Wisconsin and use it as a fire pit. It was genius and us girls huddled around it most of the day. I hate being cold, so it made me less miserable.

By game time it was still cold and raining and Cheryl and I had a birthday party 2 hours away in PA so we decided to just call it quits and head out.

Weekend Fun

My friend Marissa’s 30th birthday was the weekend we were in Ohio. We decided to celebrate it this past weekend at her place in Pennsylvania. Luckily the rain finally subsided by the time we got there so that we could have a bonfire!

Weekend Fun

It was a lot of fun. We have all been friends since high school, but we all live in different places now so it was nice to be able to see them. I had a few beers at the tailgate, but I didn’t want to drink a lot because of the drive and because we had a training run the following day. Marissa had a lot of delicious (and bad for you) food and drink. I only had 2 beers, but I ate more than I should have of a few things I knew I would regret the next day. We left around 10:00pm so that we could get home and sleep before our early long run the next day. Thank God for daylight savings time!!

Weekend Fun

On Sunday Cheryl and I woke up at the crack of dawn once again to do our long run. Because of daylight savings the sun was at least out when we started at 6:00am. My stomach was not happy with me after all the food I had the night before so I decided to do the run closer to home just in case. I was pretty steady until around mile 15. My longest run since had only been 14 so I knew around 15 is when fatigue would kick in. I had my chocolate peanut butter gu and did a run/walk the last 5 miles. It wasn’t a very fast time, but I got at least one 20 miler under my belt which made me feel a lot better about my upcoming marathon. We also have another 20 miler scheduled for this weekend too!

Weekend Fun

After the run we showered and then stopped at Rite-Aid for chocolate milk and trail mix and then drove into New York to watch the New York City Marathon! One of Cheryl’s old co-workers lives on 74th and 1st which is a great place to view the run so we parked at Port Authority and then took the subway uptown. Unfortunately we didn’t check into street crossings because we took the subway to 68th and then realized we had to walk to 59th to cross over 1st and then head back up to 74th. Luckily we had enough time, but man did my legs hate me.

Weekend Fun

We had some beverages while on the street cheering on the runners. A lot more people had their names on their shirt so as they passed by we yelled names and good job! I might have to do that for Philly. Makes it a lot easier for strangers to cheer you on personally throughout the race. There was also this fancy man painting a picture on 74th. I saw him when we first got there and when we were heading home he was still there. Pretty cool!

We were trying to see Cheryl’s co-worker Rachel, but we somehow missed her when she passed. After a while we went inside to hang out and drink. It was a lot of fun until I realized how little I had eaten that day. Before the 20 miles I had a thin with peanut butter because my stomach was uneasy and after just a chocolate milk, some wheat thins and some trail mix. Needless to say by the time we left I was kind of drunk….and tired.

Weekend Fun

We took the subway back downtown and congratulated marathoners when we saw them. If you have never run a marathon, this is seriously how you feel after….especially in New York!

One last thing! Today is Election Day so get out there and vote!!



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