2011 New York City Marathon

So the New York City Marathon is this Sunday! The last time I ran the marathon was in 2011.

In 2010 I had continued with the New York Road Runners 9+1 program, but this time Cheryl did it with me! Cindy had the deferral option to run the race (since she had not the year before) but decided she was done with marathons.

Even though she hates driving at night, we convinced my mom to drop us off at Giants Stadium to get the busses to the start. It was nice having someone else with me. Luckily Cheryl and I also ended up in the same corral and wave start. Another year going over the top of the Verrazano-Narros Bridge! I had warned Cheryl about the cold the previous year (I was a pro now) so we got old coats to wear instead of just sweaters. We were a lot warmer!

2011 NYC Marathon

We also got new Dunkin Donuts hats. Being smart we wore them until we had to check our bags then put them in the checked bag so we didn’t have to hold them.

2011 NYC Marathon

Since Cheryl and I were both running the race and we are usually the direction ladies my mom, aunt and friend Marissa decided to just go to one view point near Central Park.

The race started off great. It was nice weather and not horribly cold, but cold enough. I had warned Cheryl of my disastrous Queensboro Bridge episode from the year before. Our plan was to walk the bridge while taking our mid-race Gu’s and then run the rest of the race. Welp that was a bad idea (2nd time around). Walking the bridge was good, but we didn’t have water. Not sure if it was the Gu, the lack of water or just general issues, but my stomach seized up as we got off the bridge. It was pretty horrible. Walking was ok, but running made me feel like I was going to vomit (yet I couldn’t). It was a horrible way to run and I was pretty miserable the rest of the race. No matter what I did I couldn’t shake the nauseous feeling. I kept telling Cheryl to go without me since this was her first marathon, but she said no. She wanted to finish it together.

2011 NYC Marathon

We did finish in 5:06:47…34 minutes off my time from the previous year :(

I felt bad making Cheryl go so slow, but she insisted it was fine.

2011 NYC Marathon

We even found my mom, aunt and friend Marissa. My 3rd marathon in the books! Even though it was a lot slower than I had wanted I finished and learned some lessons about mid-race fueling and practicing with the Gu’s I want to use during the race.

Good luck to everyone running Sunday!


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