25 days left!

It is officially 25 days until I run the Philadelphia Marathon! Gah these days are flying by!

I had wanted this to be a great PR race, but I am slowly feeling like that just won’t happen. I have been running, not as much as I want, but running nonetheless. I know I will finish the race, but finishing it in the time I wanted (4 hours) seems crazy at this point.

I guess it will all depend on how my 20 mile run goes this weekend. One thing that does happen after my long runs…I get HUNGRY. How do you balance running for 4 hours and eating healthy?


I did actually get off my ass and run at lunch today. I went early since I usually have a bunch of excuses the later it gets.


5 miles done!


I am pretty excited to join Run Eat Repeat and her Pile on the Miles.

Pile on the Miles 2014

It’s a FREE online challenge. Every day you comment and “check-in” to keep yourself accountable by leaving a comment on her blog (which is one of my favorites FYI). When you comment that enters you in the daily prize drawing. How fun is that!?! I am excited because I have the marathon next month and after I tend to slack and the fact that right after is Thanksgiving…I need to be accountable.

Have a great day everyone!


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