Viva Las Vegas!

So I just got back my second batch of PhotoBin scanned slides.

It’s pretty difficult to see what is on old slides without straining your eyes and your neck. I sat on the floor of my room trying to categorize all the sides that I had. One thing about old slides…no instant gratification. When my parents took the photos they didn’t know if the image would be too dark, too light or blurry. There was no digital cameras to see the photo, rate it, and possibly retake it. It made for some interesting slides in the end.

In this batch there were a lot from my parents cross-country honeymoon. They visited the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Now the Grand Canyon has looked the same for pretty much ever. Las Vegas on the other hand has changed SO MUCH! I remember my dad telling us about the way it looked when we had gone our senior year of college, but now seeing the images it looks nothing like Vegas does now.

Las Vegas Strip in 1975

Vegas Strip 1975

Las Vegas Strip 2014

Vegas Strip 2014

I mean look at Ceasar’s Palace! It’s so tiny compared to what it looks like now.

Ceasars Palace

The city of lights!

Vegas Night 1975


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