The crazy weekends continue!

This past weekend my friends and I drove to Columbus, Ohio. Why you ask? Well Rutgers was playing Ohio State and as a forever band geek I HAD to see the Ohio State Marching Band perform. So we all piled into 3 cars from all over NJ and headed west.

Ohio Road Trip 2014

We had the most people in our car #funcar

Ohio Road Trip 2014

We also assumed we would see AMAZING fall foliage (like in the Catskills) but it was lacking a little. We all met up in PA at Waffle House so we could even the cars out. We were all fine staying in the same car because I mean #funcar

Ohio Road Trip 2014

My friend Kristen went on a rant about her hatred of Pumpkin Spice Lattes aka my favorite part of the fall. So the #funcar stopped for the best fall drinks ever and bombarded her with pictures. I mean seriously who hates PSL!?! Not this girl!

Ohio Road Trip 2014

Before we knew it we were (briefly) in West Virginia.

The drive is around 8 hours, but with stops and traffic it took us about 10 hours to get there. We arrived at the Red Roof Inn Plus around 6pm. Once everyone else had arrived we headed out to a local favorite Thurman’s Cafe. With a group of 13 we knew we would have to wait, but luckily we had a bar to wait at.

Ohio Road Trip 2014

Thurman’s Cafe was on Man vs. Food for their Thurminator burger. I wasn’t in a burger mood so I got fried pickles and grilled cheese, but man that burger looked good.

Ohio Road Trip 2014

We had an early night since we had a LONG day the next day.

We got up around 8:30am and headed out to the hotel parking lot. I didn’t really want to tailgate in the parking lot, but my friends insisted so we did. Luckily there was an Ohio State store right by us so we could buy buckeyes!

Ohio Road Trip 2014

Peanut butter and chocolate goodness. I wish I had gotten extra to bring home with me.

Now the reason I was there was to see the Ohio State Marching Band. Our high school band based our high-step marking and elaborate drills off of schools like Ohio State and Iowa. I wanted to make sure I was in the stadium before pre-game to see their famous Script Ohio (my high school did script CHS). We left the lot about 2 hours before kickoff and walking down to the stadium I was so mad I hadn’t insisted on tailgating closer to the game.

Ohio Road Trip 2014

The crowds and the atmosphere was amazing. I mean their stadium holds 107,000 people! We were talking to Ohio State fans as we were heading in and everyone was so nice.

Ohio Road Trip 2014

Of course we went into the stadium an hour early because someone said that was when pre-game was. We hiked up to pretty much the top of the stands to our seats and then were told that the band only goes off 20 minutes before the game. Oh well!

Ohio Road Trip 2014

Finally the band came on and made a block R for Rutgers being welcomed into the Big 10. We were pretty disappointed they didn’t do script Ohio, but someone said they were doing it at halftime since it was homecoming.

The game was a little depressing. Rutgers was loosing pretty bad once halftime rolled around.

Ohio Road Trip 2014

The band did a classic rock routine. It was so cool to see them perform in person! Here is the video of the performance.

At the end they did DOUBLE script Ohio! So cool!!

After the 3rd Rutgers was still loosing horribly and it started to rain and it was freezing. We called it and walked over to the bar area. We tried to get into a cool local bar, but since the game was still on it was packed. We wound up in Buffalo Wild Wings which was also packed. I eventually got a table for us and we got to warm up and relax. Rutgers wound up loosing 17-56, but it was a good effort for their first game against OSU. After we headed back over to the local bar, Out R Inn and it was so fun!

Ohio Road Trip 2014

It definitely would have been my kind of car in college. Stacey and I went on an adventure that night and got back around 2:30am. What a long day, but it was a blast!

The next day we packed up and headed to brunch for our friend Kristen’s birthday. We tried to go to a brewery, but didn’t realize the Columbus Marathon was going on so places were crowded. We eventually found a place that was just opening so we got a table quickly and the food was awesome.

After that we headed to the North Market to stop at Jeni’s and get ice cream. Cheryl’s boss had sent her some once (she went to Ohio State) and we had to get it before we left. I got buttercup pumpkin with amaretti cookies and sweet cream biscuits and peach jam. I think we are going to order some to have shipped.

Ohio Road Trip 2014

At the market I was looking at a beer store and they had Sweetwater! I love the Georgia craft beer, but you really can’t get it north of Georgia. I was jumping like a little kid when I saw it!

Around 1:00pm we started our trip back. We had some Google Maps issues which made our trip a little longer than expected, but it was still fun.

Ohio Road Trip 2014

We stopped at McDonald’s and I got yelled at for going in the play place and we got dinner at Steak ‘n Shake (after getting lost).

We finally got home around 11:30pm.

It was such a fun adventure with my friends. I love road trips and I cannot wait to do it again!


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