Busy Lady Marathon Training

It is officially 40 days until I run the Philadelphia Marathon!

My life is far from boring. I keep myself busy, busy, busy. That being said, training for a marathon while busy is quite difficult. My weekly runs are hard enough between crossfit and my workload. Sometimes I have no desire to do 5 miles at lunch, but crossfit in the morning and my second job at night I have to try and find time. My weekends are just as bad. Last weekend I jetted down to Florida for 2 days and then had a wedding all day Sunday. Since Sunday is my long run day I had a bit of a conundrum.

Which brings me to today.

This morning, Cheryl and I woke up at 4am. Yes you read that right. 4:00AM! Our Sunday long run was scheduled for 14 miles and I needed a long run since we have two 20 milers coming up in the next few weeks. Since we didn’t have time this weekend we decided to do it today.

We had coffee, a granola bar and put lunch in the crockpot. At 4:40 we headed out the door with our fuel belts and head lamps set to run for the next few hours. We decided to do 2 7 mile loops so that if we had to go to the bathroom we could stop back at the house.

Running Map

Running that early is eerily quiet, but also kind of nice. Mostly a few cars along the roads and random other crazy runners. I was listening to The Magicians on my iPod. I like to listen to books on my long runs because the music just gets boring after a while.

Around miles 5 we stopped in the park to use the porta-potties. Now that was creepy since it was still really dark out. A few runners passed us by with no headlamps or anything! How they do not fall or trip is beyond me. Maybe guys don’t feel as unsafe running that early alone in a dark park, but there is no way I would do it! Since we used the porta we didn’t have to stop at the house so we circled back up the hill to do another loop.

I know I have to run hills, but I sure hate it. The one we always try to incorporate into our run is pretty long and steep. The first time I got up it fine, but the second time I had to walk for a little.

Running Splits

There was no fast running happening this morning. The pace stayed somewhat consistent, but got slower as the day went on. I am just glad I got a long run in! The last long run I had was the Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon!

Running Watch

Done and done.

Now I need to be conscious of my food today. Marathon training is always so difficult because I mean I burned almost 1500 calories before 8am! I had gatorade during my run and when I got home. Then I had coffee and yogurt for breakfast. I had a snack for later today, but I was too hungry I had to have it. Spicy guacamole and melba toast! My favorite snack :) For lunch we made soup in the crockpot. We did it last week and it was delicious and convenient.

Any good soup crock pot recipes?


One thought on “Busy Lady Marathon Training

  1. OMG I can’t believe you got up at 4 a.m. for a weekday long run. I have never had that kind of commitment! So impressed!

    I’m excited about the Philadelphia Marathon but I also kinda keep forgetting how close it is. I hope I get to see you guys at some point during that weekend!!!


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