Wisconsin Visit!

So after Vancouver, we decided to extend our vacation and visit our family in Wisconsin.

We go to Wisconsin every year, but this year we weren’t sure at first. My cousin Tara had recently been in a very bad car accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down. With everything going on, and them trying to adjust, we didn’t want to burden them with a visit. After discussing it over, though, we decided it would actually be really great to have family come out. So we were off!

Flying to Wisconsin

My uncle picked us up from the airport and we headed back to their house just outside Milwaukee. I love going to Wisconsin because my uncle used to work for Miller (he just retired sort of) and there is always beer.


That night we just relaxed and talked. My cousin Sarah came home later at night and we all had a nice dinner.

The next day we had decided we were going to go visit my cousin Justin and his wife Tara and their kids. On the way my aunt wanted to stop at a new spectacle in Sheboygan, WI. North America’s tallest flagpole! Supposedly they had been making a huge deal about it on the news and my aunt wanted to see it up close. Oddly enough it’s outside Acuity Insurance. So we pretty much parked in the employee lot and gawked at this huge flagpole. At 400 feet tall the thing was massive!

North America's Tallest Flagpole

After the flagpole gawking we headed to my cousin’s house. I was pretty nervous at first about the visit because we had been getting updates, but were told she looked different. I don’t do well with emotions and I was afraid I was going to get upset and make her upset.

Well the visit was amazing. She is such a strong person. She does a lot of stuff on her own, and is learning more and more everyday. If you would like to help donate to help them remodel their home for her wheelchair you can donate here.

After the visit we drove back to my aunt and uncle’s house. Midwest sunsets are beyond amazing.

Midwest Sunset

The next morning we got up and got our fishing license for the next day. Then we hopped on a train and headed to Chicago!


Even though Milwaukee is an hour and a half train ride to Chicago, they didn’t have many departure options so we left later than we had wanted. Once we got there we squeezed into a cab and headed to Navy Pier.


The last time I was in Chicago was in February and it was FREEZING. It was nice to be there in the summer.


We walked around inside and outside Navy Pier and then went in to the Botanical Garden area. It was really pretty and I was obsessed with the jumping water.


Coming back from the end of Navy Pier we found this kiosk to take pictures and well…we took a lot. We also got some Garret’s Popcorn to bring home with us.


After Navy Pier we were hungry so we jumped in another cab (bigger this time) and went to Portillo’s for some traditional Chicago hot dogs. Nomz


After I stuffed my face we decided to go to the bean (and stop spending so much on cabs) so we walked. It was a really nice day in Chicago and the walk felt so good! Eventually we made it to the bean (cloud gate).


Then, along with 200 other tourists, we took lots of fun photos. My cousin even convinced me to lay on the ground, but my uncle reminded me about bird poop so I freaked out and got up.


We were only in Chicago a few hours, but we decided to take the 5:00 train back to Milwaukee. We knew we had to get up early the next day and the train after that wasn’t until 8:00. Such weird train schedules!

The next morning we got up crazy early and headed out fishing on Lake Michigan! We had to be on the lake at 5am so it was EARLY!

Fishing on Lake Michigan

It was pitch black out when we got on the water, but the sunrise was gorgeous!

Fishing on Lake Michigan

My uncle has a boat, but it doesn’t fit a lot of people so he chartered a boat for the day. The two guys (father and son) were really nice and helped us maneuver fishing. I had never been out on such a big lake before! Before you knew it something got the line and I decided to be the first one up. You have to hold the rod in your hip crease which hurts a lot, but I did it! We were fishing mostly for salmon and I love salmon!

Fishing on Lake Michigan

Cheryl and Sarah were up next and they did great!

Fishing on Lake Michigan

Then it was my uncle’s turn. His first one broke off, then he helped my aunt, but her’s broke off too. Next it was my mom’s turn.

Fishing on Lake Michigan

My mom didn’t wear proper footwear and I was scared she was going to fall over a few times, but the guys on the boat made sure that didn’t happen. Soon everyone had caught something!

Fishing on Lake Michigan

As the day wore on we were getting less and less so we kept moving around. After a while one of the trout lines (on the bottom of the lake) went off and I jumped up. It took me a good 20 minutes to reel my line in because it was at the bottom of the lake and the fish bolted after it got the hook. Cheryl also grabbed a trout line and it took her almost 30 minutes! We were left with 2 HUGE lake trout. Mine was 17lbs and Cheryl was the winner of the day with an 18lb fish.

Fishing on Lake Michigan

We were starting to finish up for the day and it started to get hot too. I caught the last fish of the day, but our 2 trout took up almost the entire cooler so we didn’t need any more.

Fishing on Lake Michigan

Finally around 10am (I told you we went early) we headed back to the dock. They have this awesome sign and fish station so you can take pictures. So smart.

Fishing on Lake Michigan

We decided to keep some of our fish, but not all of it. If we had driven we would have kept it all. We gave the rest to a guy at the dock that cleans fish all day and takes the scraps. He was overjoyed!

I love fishing. I just hate that the only other person I know that loves it is in Wisconsin. Family and fishing brings me back every year!


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