How to make pierogi

So if you are Polish (and even if you aren’t) you have probably eaten your fare share of pierogi.

My best friend and her husband are both Polish (like very Polish) and a few years ago I got them to teach me and Cheryl how to make pierogi. I had all these pictures and I knew I wrote the recipe down, but I couldn’t find it. Well I finally did and now I am going to share that recipe with you.

Pierogi Recipe

Ok first you need to start with your fillings. You can either make potato cheese or sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi or both at the same time!

For the potato pierogi you start by boiling one bag of potatoes in water.

For the sauerkraut and mushroom you boil 2 bags of sauerkraut. Then inn a pan, sauté mushrooms with butter and a little salt and pepper.

Pierogi Recipe

Next we are going to make our dough.

Pile of flour on a table (or cutting board). Make a hole in the flour and add a little warm water and one egg.

Pierogi Recipe

Now start to mix the dough with your hands.

Pierogi Recipe

Keep mixing and cut up any chunks with a knife.

Pierogi Recipe

This process takes a while. Keep adding water if necessary and mixing with your hands until it makes a dough consistency.

Pierogi Recipe

If you are making a lot of dough and need to wait wrap the finished dough in syran wrap so it doesn’t dry out.

Pierogi Recipe

Chop up mushrooms smaller and add sauerkraut to mushrooms in pan. Add some more salt and mix the sauerkraut and mushrooms together to taste. It needs to cool before you can add it to the pierogi.

Mash potatoes with farmer cheese half amount of cheese as potatoes (1/2 cup) and add salt and pepper to make slightly salty.

Pierogi Recipe

Roll dough to thinish layer and use glass to make circles.

Pierogi Recipe

After you have your circles, fill the middle with your preferred filling and pinch top then sides down. Make sure to seal up the whole outside.

Pierogi Recipe

Lay your finished pierogi on parchment paper.

Pierogi Recipe

Once you have all your pierogi made, place in boiling water one by one and stir around so they dont stick together. This is where making sure they are closed comes into play. If they are not the filling will start to seep out. When they float to top take them out.

Pierogi Recipe

When you are done, you can either choose to make them right away or freeze them. If you are going to freeze them you need to coat them in vegetable oil so they don’t stick together. Even though I did they still came out in a clump, so you can also use parchment paper to make layers in your tupperware.

Pierogi Recipe

If you are hungry them throw them in a fry pan with some onions and cook them up!

This makes A LOT of pierogi. Unfortunately I didn’t write down all the EXACT measurements, but they were kind of eyeing everything so it was hard. This is a great recipe for big holidays or family gatherings since there are so many. We did this right before Christmas and everyone loved them!


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