Last Comic Standing Tour

Who doesn’t like to laugh!?! I like comedy, but not everyone thinks the same kinds of things are funny. I can watch movies like Anchorman, but I don’t find it as hysterical as a lot of people. I like comedy that is based more on life. Throw some jokes at me about traffic or the ridiculous things kids do, and I am laughing loud loud (literally). I like comedians like Ellen Degeneres. I HATE comedians that stand on stage and pick people out of the crowd and make fun of them…that isn’t comedy to me.

A few months ago I had insomnia and as I was flipping through the channels a show called Last Comic Standing came on. At first I was going to flip right through. I let it play for a few minutes and before I realized I had watched the whole episode and was cackling to myself in my room. From then on I was hooked.

This was the 8th season of the show and I am kind of bummed I have been missing out for so long! JB Smoove is the host and the judges are Keenan Ivory Wayans, Roseanne Barr and Russel Peters. Each week the comedian contestants have a comedian mentor (like Wanda Sykes, Jay Leno, Howie Mandel, etc.) and then they each do a set for the judges who critique them. The judges eliminate one person per week.

I started watching a few weeks into the show, but the comedians left were seriously the best of the best. I fell in love with Joe Machi and the way he awkwardly delivered his jokes and Rod Man talked for what seemed like 5 minutes without taking a breath. In the end Rod Man won (even though I thought Joe Machi was the best). The top 5 comedians then went on tour across the country and as soon as I saw they were going to be right by me I had to get tickets!

Last Comic Standing Tour

The show was at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ. Cheryl and I got there at 6:30pm thinking that the show started at 7:00pm, but it didn’t start until 8:00pm. Oh well…there was a bar at least.

Last Comic Standing Tour

I had assumed the comedians would go in order of when they were kicked off, so I was surprised to see Nikki Carr as the first one out.

Last Comic Standing Tour

Nikki was one of my least favorite from the show (she was funny but not as funny as everyone else) and my least favorite tonight. I am not sure if it was because she was so crass. I mean I don’t really care about sex jokes, but after 10 minutes MOVE ON. There has to be other jokes in your arsenal other than about how you tried to be straight and date guys (but you were actually a lesbian) or making fun of your weight….

Next up was Rocky Laporte.

Last Comic Standing Tour

On the show Rocky was a little slow with his jokes. He was a lot better on stage though. I got a side stitch at one point. He did really great connecting with the audience. Even though a lot of his jokes made him seem dumb, he really knew how to make the crowd laugh.

After Rocky there was a brief intermission before the top 3 (in my book). The actual top 3 were Rod Man, Lachlan Patterson and Nikki Carr, but I think Joe Machi should have moved on over Nikki Carr. Anyway next up was my favorite Joe Machi!

Last Comic Standing Tour

He also uses the awkward guy who can’t get a girl situation a lot, but he mixes it up all the time. He doesn’t stick with one topic for his whole set. He was awesome and I hope he goes out on tour solo, or at least puts out a CD. I mean seriously gang just watch!

Joe was followed by the human mannequin himself..Lachlan Patterson.

Last Comic Standing Tour

Lachlan was Cheryl’s favorite of the night. He also touches a variety of topics and just figures out a way to make them funny. Here is some of his stuff from the season.

Last up was the winner of Season 8…Rod Man.

Last Comic Standing Tour

I have to admit…Rod Man was funny. He barely pauses he just has so much material! Watch for yourself.

I am so glad we got tickets to this show. Everyone did amazing and I walked out of there with a headache I was laughing so much! The highlight of the night though was when we were leaving…

Last Comic Standing Tour

I got to meet Joe Machi!! Night made!


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