Random craziness

Well this post is just going to be all over the place…just like me right now! I am beyond bonkers busy. I had a crazy hectic week/weekend and this week is short and even more hectic! So here is my life right now in pictures (and maybe a few words).

Dinosaur Cup

My awesome co-worker Laura got me this mug and I LOVE it. Dino hiding in the bottom of my coffee mug! It makes me want to drink coffee (or other dark liquids) all the time. It’s like peek-a-boo!

Haunted Mansion Attraction Poster

It’s October which means a new Disney attraction poster on my calendar and this month is one of my favorite rides…Haunted Mansion!

Thursday Wedding

I worked part-time for a local wedding photographer and that means that sometimes I photograph weddings. Last week I was asked to help at a Thursday wedding. Ok now people stop the madness! Thursday weddings are so stupid and sad. I was exhausted and after about an hour everyone stopped dancing…what does a photographer do when there are no people to take pictures of!?! Not to mention the shindig wasn’t over until midnight!

Creme Brûlée

When the dessert buffet opened at 11pm I gorged on creme brûlée and waited to finally be able to leave…exhausted couldn’t even describe how I felt.

Alex & Ani Champion

Picked up a new Alex & Ani bangle. This one is called Champion. It’s a running shoe and I don’t know why it wasn’t one of the first ones I got. Probably because Cinderella’s Castle and Mickey were just too darn cute? Also on the running front…well there is nothing going on there. Busy, busy, busy means I slack somewhere and that seems to be training for my marathon NEXT MONTH….

Rutgers Football

Another fall weekend means another Rutgers football game! I swear you guys are going to start getting sick of my Rutgers posts, but this is my life in the fall!

Pumpkin Smasher Beer

This by far is the BEST pumpkin beer I have ever had. I need to get a case STAT!


My cousin Danny (who is a Michigan fan) and his wife Jenn came to the game this week!

Rutgers beats Michigan

Sadly for them Rutgers beat Michigan by 2 points! The students went crazy and rushed the field. As all hell was breaking loose we booked it to the busses because I wanted to get before the students seeing as last time we waited almost an hour and a half for a bus!

Well that is my life is a nutshell. I also went to see the Last Comic Standing tour on Sunday, but that will be a whole post on it’s own because I MET JOE MACHI and he is awesome…the end.

Have a great Monday!


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