Instagramming September 2014

Hello October….goodbye September! Even though I was pretty busy in September, it was by far the calmest month I have had in quite some time.

Instagramming September

1. The month started off with me FINALLY working on some projects. As an update I have not done anything with them since :(
3. I started running more to train for my fall races
4. Rutgers games and more Rutgers games. I love football tailgating season
5. First they announced the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus but then they announced the Apple Watch! Now for it to his stores…
6. A week at a hotel for work means horrible food choices
7. I finally got the Haunted Mansion coasters that sold out months ago
8. Philadelphia Rock and Roll 5K and Half Marathon!
9. On my way to a tradeshow in the city I got to walk on the Highline for 2 whole blocks! It is so pretty
10. Lots of stairs…who puts a tradeshow on 4 floors in a NYC walkup!?!
11. Catskills weekend fun! Kayaking and hiking and friends.
12. Laura got me THE BEST MUG. Umm hello there is a dinosaur inside!

October is going to be another jam-packed month. I am off to Florida for a weekend to visit the new Harry Potter section in Universal, I have a friend’s wedding, a trip to Ohio State for the Rutgers game, Last Comic Standing tour, apple picking, birthdays and a trip to Wisconsin for a benefit for my cousin who was in a car accident and is not in a wheelchair.

If anyone would like to donate please go here


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