Catskills Cabin

Well it is the last day of September! We will officially (in my mind) be starting fall tomorrow.

Over the weekend I went to the Catskills for my friend Cindy’s birthday. We always do fun adventurous stuff with her like hikingkayaking and camping. She wanted to celebrate her birthday in the Catskills and rent a house for all her friends to stay in.

Cheryl and I left NJ when Cheryl got home from work. We left around 7:00pm and headed up north. The drive was around 2 hours, so we arrived around 9:00pm. My friend Marissa had gotten there first and said it was pitch black and she couldn’t see anything. We met up with a few other friends along the road looking for the house. Eventually we found it and unpacked.

Buck Brook Acres

The property is called Buck Brook Acres and has two houses on it. We all stayed in the larger house, while Cindy’s cousin claimed the smaller one. We definitely could have had a lot more people (we had 14). There was so much space!

Everyone else got there as the night went on. The rooms were great. There was a den with a pool table and sitting area. The TV was on a Singer sewing table! My kind of place!

Buck Brook Acres

When I got there I insisted on exploring every room of the house. I like to make sure there are no ax murderers in the closets. We couldn’t find the basement at first, but eventually found it inside a closet. It was pretty creppy, but I felt better looking around.

Then we started playing drinking games. Gary and Brian lost at pool to Cheryl and Marissa. They had to shotgun a beer as punishment and I insisted it be in the basement. Of course then everyone came with me. We explored it a little more than I had earlier and found some cool stuff. Old pirate swords, a huge old American flag and lots of other random items. For the rest of the night we hung out and played Kings. It was a fun night, but I went to bed around 2:00am. I am so old!

Buck Brook Acres

The next morning of course I woke up at 7:00am. I hate that I am now a morning person. I used to love sleeping in.

Now we finally got to see the property in the daylight and it was BEAUTIFUL!

Buck Brook Acres

Buck Brook Acres Lake

The lake had a dock, a row boat and a gazebo. The gazebo was covered in spiderwebs. It was pretty looking, but I hate spiders.

Buck Brook Acres Lake

We took some pictures by the lake and then decided to go on a group hike. We just walked around the property area. There are more intense hikes nearby, but not everyone had proper footwear.

Buck Brook Acres Hiking

At the top of the hill behind the houses we finally got cell phone reception!

Buck Brook Acres Hiking

You are probably thinking that I shouldn’t want to use my cell phone in this beautiful place, right? Well my mom had left a message that my uncle (who’s flight got cancelled because of the Chicago tower fire) was driving to NJ instead! I love seeing family so that made me very happy.

Buck Brook Acres Lake

We kept hiking and then wound up on the opposite side of the lake. The trees were so pretty starting to change colors.

Buck Brook Acres Lake

When we got back everyone changed and got ready to go kayaking. Cindy had wanted to go to the same river we had done a few months earlier. The cabin was 30 minutes from the rental place.



Cindy got a Go-Pro and it was so fun! She used the selfie stick to take a lot of great pictures.


This time we were smart and brought beer for the adventure.


The water this time was a lot lower than it had been. Most people got stuck on the rocks a bunch of times and even had to get out to pull their kayak free. They were very excited when we got to the halfway point to take a break.


I loved kayaking, even though it was a little more challenging this time because we all kept getting stuck. It was also pretty had all staying together since we would crash into each other. Still it was a great workout. We only lost 2 iPhones :( Not mine thankfully.

Buck Brook Acres

After we all headed back and showered while Cindy’s cousin grilled and Ryan made a bonfire. I was EXHAUSTED by 9:00pm. I stayed at the bonfire for a little while, but then I called it a night.

I woke up early again the next morning of course. Before we left Cindy wanted to take the boat out onto the lake. I was a little iffy. It did not seem like it would float, but it did!

Buck Brook Acres Rowboat

Row, row, row your boat!

Buck Brook Acres

It was such a fun weekend except I wish it had been longer! The weather was perfect and the area was so beautiful. I also loved being in a house with everyone.

And I did not see a single animal the whole weekend….


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