Rock and Roll Philadelphia 5K

This weekend was my favorite race weekend of the year…the Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon!

Rock and Roll Philadelphia 2014

Cheryl and I have been doing this run since 2008 (when it was the Philadelphia Distance Run) and it is by far my favorite. I don’t know if it’s the course, how flat it is, or the amazing crowds and bands, but this is a great race for any runner. After talking it up forever we finally convinced my friend Jill to run it with us! Also this year the Rock and Roll team decided to add a remix challenge and a 5K. Now as a person who LOVES medals I was all about getting 3! One for the 5K, one for the half and one for doing both. Luckily Cheryl was able to get us into the 5K through work.

We all worked from home at the end of the day so we could get on the road before rush hour. We had to be in Philly by 7:00pm to get our 5K race packets. We got there around 6:30 and picked up our bibs and bags. Since it was so late we knew we couldn’t get through the whole expo so we just looked around a little. We found the Geico gekko!

Geico gekko

After the expo we headed to my friend’s house and then out for some dinner. We decided on a new place in South Philly called Growlers. In the past few years I have been less crazy with my pre-running meal and I always wind up having some sort of alcohol. Not sure if it’s good or bad. I tried a cool sounding beer called Left Hand 400 pound Monkey IPA and it was delicious!

Left Hand 400 lb Money IPA

For dinner we shared the Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese and then I had a prime rib sandwich with a side salad. Noms

The next morning was BEAUTIFUL! It was a little chilly, but that is great for running. We drove down to the Art Museum and parked a few blocks away, then we headed to the start.

5K Morning

We had gotten there early because we weren’t sure of the parking situation. Since we had time we wandered around and took pictures. After 7 years I FINALLY took a picture with Rocky!


Before we knew it we were on our ways to the start corrals. This year Rock and Roll finally decided to bring back elite athletes (last year they wouldn’t pay them) and a few were running the 5K. Bernard Lagat was favored for the men and Deena Kastor was pacing the 8:00/mile group.

The race was nice. We didn’t go too fast since we had a half the next day. The course was the end of the half marathon route. An out and back along the Schuylkill River. It was sunny, but not horrible since it was early.

5K Results

I think a 9:58 pace was good for our warm-up run.

After we got our medals than headed over to the beer tent. I love free beer…even if it is at 9am!

Rock and Roll 5K

I really like the medal too. Since the half is all about the Liberty Bell they were finally able to incorporate Rocky and the Art Museum into a medal.

After the race we decided to go back to the expo and see the rest of the vendors. Jill bought a new running belt and I got a hat for the race the following day. I always forget my hats and every year it is soooo sunny! I was also looking into wireless headphones. I want some for work, but getting running ones would be double the use. I have also been having a lot of trouble with my Yurbuds lately. They will not stay in my ear and it’s getting annoying! I didn’t buy anything, but I am definitely think of it for the marathon.

Next we went back and showered and headed to Manayunk to meet Cindy for lunch. We went to the Manayunk Tavern and I got fish tacos. I love fish tacos, but these were super spicy and I couldn’t finish them. Womp! We also had some pumpkin beer with lunch. After lunch we headed back to our friends apartment to meet up with my other friend Lauren. Jill, Lauren and I decided to continue drinking and headed across the street for a little while.

Jill’s friends from grad school also live in Philly, but she hasn’t seen them in a while. One was actually running the race the next day so we all decided to get dinner together downtown at LaScala. It was an Italian place, but I tend to not eat pasta before runs. Just makes me feel so full and gross. Instead I got salmon with spinach and potatoes.

Salmon Dinner

The salmon was a little overcooked for my taste, but still delicious. I also had a glass of Riesling with it. I seriously need to go on an alcohol detox when I get home!

Then we headed home and went to sleep since we had to be up early again. Zzzzz


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