Business Trip Exercise

Well this week is going to be a rough week for working out. I have two back-to-back trade shows in New Brunswick.

Yesterday I did not wake up for crossfit. I was so tired from the football game that I slept until almost 11 on Sunday so I could not fall asleep Sunday night. I decided since I was going to have a long week I needed to sleep in.

I went to work in the morning to get everything together for the conferences. I left around noon to drive the hour to New Brunswick. Cheryl had made me a pumpkin pie smoothie for breakfast, but I decided to have it for lunch on the go. WOW! It was sooo thick. It was like trying to drink a melted pumpkin pie. I had half then had to stop.

When I got to the hotel a few other coworkers were already there. They had already had lunch which I missed out on. We put together bags and then I got a fruit cup as a makeshift lunch since I was starving. We also attempted a photo booth.

Photo Booth

I am obviously a professional at making faces.

At night we had a welcome cocktail hour. At this point I was STARVING! I started with beer which was probably not the best plan.


Once they put the food out it was a little scarce. I obviously took a bunch of olives since I love them. There was also some spinach gnocchi and bread that I put the gnocchi tomato sauce on. Not the best dinner, but it was free.


I was still pretty hungry after cocktail hour, but I decided to just go to bed. I watched some American Ninja Warrior first.

This morning I was determined to get up and run. I almost always bring stuff with me to these shows, but never get out of bed. Today I set my alarm for 5am and headed down to the gym when it was still dark out.

5am gym

I was the only one in the gym when I got there. They had 3 different treadmills all next to each other. I picked the fanciest looking one. It had a built in TV and was counting my miles for me.

Fancy Treadmill

Of course my watch footpod sensor died. Now I know why it was acting up a few weeks ago!

No Sensor

So I guess I will just have to go with the treadmill accuracy this week.

4 miles

4 miles done!

After I showered and got ready, but I was a little early. The coffee here is miserable so I walked (in the rain) to Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte.

The 4 days of the show has mainly the same food every day. For breakfast today I had a bagel (I wanted carbs) and some fruit. Then for lunch I had the only sandwich I love here, roasted veggie with pesto mayo. Oh and I also had a peanut butter cookie and salad.


Tonight is another cocktail reception, but it usually has a lot more food. Fingers crossed!

I am going to set multiple alarms to wake up again tomorrow to run. It made me feel so much better about not being able to make my own food.


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