So I have had a bunch of “projects” sitting in my garage for months now.

Last fall I went to the Brooklyn Flea in Philadelphia at the Piazza. While strolling around a thrift shop there I noticed a table with a metal base. Upon closer inspection I saw it was an antique Singer sewing table! The best part was it was only $35!

Singer at thrift shop

I immediately started freaking out. My friends had no idea why I was so excited. I immediately purchased it, knowing it would probably not last long. The owner said I could pick it up later so we continued to walk around.

While we were wandering the stands I pointed out all the sewing tables that had been redone to my friends and they immediately understood why I was so excited. Refurbed base tables were going for up to $500 and just the base was $175!

Singer Sewing Table

So at the end of the day I loaded it into my car and drove it home. Since then it has been sitting in my garage waiting to be shown some TLC.

Since the summer was so hectic I really have not had time to devote to it. We cleaned out our garage 2 weeks ago and had a garage sale. At that point I moved all my projects out of the garage so I can actually work on them. Labor Day was so beautiful out I had to get something done.


Besides my Singer table I also have a pallet I want to make into shelves and two windows I am going to refurb. More on those later.

Singer Sewing Table Closed

Now the actual table part was in REALLY bad shape. The wood was cracked and gross and falling apart.

Singer Sewing Table Open

The machine was also in pretty bad shape. A light had been taped on who knows how long ago so when I removed it a lot of the cool writing came off with it. The whole thing was so dirty too. I had thought maybe I could try and save everything, but as I was cleaning it off I decided to just go with my original plan and get rid of the top.

Singer Sewing Machine

I loved the actual sewing machine so I knew I wanted to keep that as a decorative piece. I cleaned it off as best as I could without scrubbing off the beautiful artwork. It is still pretty dirty. I have to find a cleaning solution that won’t degrade the paint.

Singer Sewing Base

After I removed the top I just had this amazing base. It was also filthy so I set to scrubbing it. Now that it is clean I have to get some black spray paint to repaint where some of the silver metal is showing.

My next step is to get some nice wood for the top. I think I am going to look down in Southern New Jersey for some reclaimed wood or old barn doors or something first. If I can’t find anything I like I will just get newer wood at Home Depot and stain it.

I also kept all the drawers from the table. Once the table is done I am going to hang the drawers above it for storage and to give it a nice vintage look.

If anyone knows of any cleaner I can use to get rid of dirt and rust but not degrade the paint on the sewing machine please let me know!


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