Are you ready for some football!?!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

This past Saturday was the first Rutgers home game. I did not attend Rutgers, but a lot of my friends did. The past few years we have been going with them to the football tailgates and they are always a good time. This year Rutgers is finally part of the Big 10. We all decided to get season tickets to the games since we usually go anyway and the bigger school games were probably going to be more expensive.

The first game was a noon game against Howard. Since it started at noon we got up obnoxiously early (5:30am) and got down to the lot (cars parked and settled) by 7:00am. It was EARLY! I still cracked open a beer though.

My friends put on great tailgates. They get there early because they have a favorite spot in their lot. We have lots of beer and lots of food. This week there was cornbread, chicken and biscuits, bacon, ribs and chicken wings. I only ate a little since it was heavy food so early.

Tailgate Girls

All us girls just get to hang out and have fun while the guys cook everything (they volunteer).

I also learned a new drinking game. It’s hard to describe, but it’s called stacks. The gist is you bounce a ping pong ball into a cup but if someone does it first they stack their cup on yours and you drink. The cups eventually get stacked pretty high which makes the game harder and well it was a lot of fun!


We went into the stadium a little after 12. It wasn’t really crowded so we just sat where we wanted. The game was ok. The sun decided to finally come out once we got inside and it was HOT. I got sunburned a little even though I put suntan lotion on. Oh well.

Tailgate Friends

We left at the beginning of the 4th quarter. As we were walking back to the car it started to POUR. Mother Nature was really having problems Saturday.

It was a great first game (Rutgers won), but next week will be insane. Their first Big 10 game against Penn State!

After the game Cheryl and I headed to Philly for our friends block party. It is always a good time. The next day we had a long run planned and decided to do it at my favorite place again, the Schuylkill River Trail.


After drinking all day on Saturday and getting up super early we slept a lot later than I had wanted. We didn’t get down to the trail until around 10am and by then it was already really hot out. We made sure we had a lot of water, but by the end of our first lap I was felling light headed from the sun and humidity. We were originally supposed to do 12 which is nuts because we have a half in 2 weeks so we decided on 10 then dropped it to 8 once we started feeling sluggish.

All in all a great run. I like running the course I am going to be doing, but I sure hope it’s not as hot in two weeks!


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