Sea Isle City

How was everyone’s weekend? Sorry I was MIA the past 2 days. Sometimes it is so tough to find time to edit pictures and get everything ready for a post PLUS writing it. I give props to everyone that makes time!

This past weekend I headed down to the beach with my friends. We met in college and hang out as much as we can (whenever I can get to Philly) and every summer we try and go on vacation. We have done week long vacations in the past, but with all my other trips I usually only have time for a few days now.

In 2008 we went down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach 2008

In 2009 we headed to Wildwood and took our first group Old Timey photo.

Wildwood 2009

We went to the beach a few times for short weekends in 2010 and 2011. In 2012 we did another group trip to Wildwood once again. It is the closest beach to Philly (even though it’s far from me) and the beaches are nicer (aka you can drink on them).

Wildwood 2012

Last year we decided to top our 2009 Old Timey photo. I really think nothing will ever top this picture. They even put it on their Facebook page!

Wildwood 2013

This year we decided to take a long weekend and head down to Sea Isle City. It’s about 20 minutes from Wildwood, but a lot less crowded. I don’t have a lot of vacation days so I headed down Thursday after work. We decided to stay at the La Costa Motel which also has a bar attached to it. Thursday had some great drink specials all night and the bar next door has a live band outside.

Sea Isle 2014

Friday morning we had read that there was yoga on the beach so Cheryl, Kier and myself decided to head down early to check it out. It was a foggy morning, but warm.

Sea Isle 2014

It was right on the beach by our hotel and there were a lot of people there. It was a good class, but a lot more Pilates than yoga I thought. Still a great way to start the day!

Sea Isle 2014

In the afternoon we headed to the beach. I think I am jinxed. It was rainy and cloudy in Assateague and it was the same this weekend. Even though it was cloudy and drizzling a lot we toughed it out. Cheryl brought her hammock again and we put the rain fly up to test it out. I think everyone was jealous!

Sea Isle 2014

That night we went back out to the few bars they have in Sea Isle. They were not very crowded, maybe from the rain. I convinced my friend Lauren to download the Party Party app. She is also obsessed. When we are bored at the bar we like to take selfies.

Sea Isle 2014

Sea Isle 2014

We headed over to another popular bar called Ocean Drive (or the OD). There was no one inside when we got there so we sat outside even though it was raining. They had a tent so it helped.

Sea Isle 2014


Sea Isle 2014

When the live band started we headed back inside and all of a sudden it was PACKED! The band was good, but 21 year olds these days are such asshats. I mean when I am drunk I could care less about the people around me, but these people were so rude I was getting so mad. We headed home around 1pm. I can’t party like I used to!

The next day since it was still gross and rainy we decided to go to the Wildwood Boardwalk during the day. Luckily it was just cloudy and the rain held out while we were there. We decided to do another Old Timey photo. It was so hard to decide, but I love the way this one turned out. My friends are the best.

Sea Isle 2014

After we went to an ice cream shop called Duffer’s. I didn’t want a lot of ice cream so the waitress suggested the “mini” sundae size. Well that was HUGE. I cannot image what size the normal ones are. The sundae was delicious though. Peanut butter and fluff :)

Sea Isle 2014

That night we did a fancy dinner at Uncle Oogie’s. I was still so full from the sundae, but the salmon I got was delicious. After we went to a nearby bar (away from the main bars) to see the Soul Cruisers play. The last time we saw them they played a lot of popular oldies, this time I didn’t know many songs, but they are still great. I love their sparkly outfits.

Sea Isle 2014

Then on Sunday we headed home. It was a nice weekend with my friends. How was your weekend?


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