Instagramming July 2014

How is it already August 6th and I have not done my July grid yet!?! Slacker over here! Let’s get right to it.

Instagramming July

1. Summer means smaller clothes so I did a green smoothie cleanse challenge with Cheryl (she did a juice cleanse) and we both lost about 5 pounds in 3 days!
2. I love Whimseybox and my Paper Flowers box from last month
3. The 4th of July was a lot of fun with my friends in Philly
4. I FINALLY went to some concerts. Zac Brown Band is amazing live, Phillip Phillips is adorable and O.A.R. is always incredible
5. Can’t get over how much I love my new dino dress from ModCloth
6. I have been very intense with crossfit and running this month. Need to get into shape!
7. We finally spruced up the living room with a new couch from Bob’s
8. Camping at the beach. Need I say more? Bonfires, beers, s’mores and friends. Amazing weekend in Assateague
9. I discovered the new Party Party app from A Beautiful Mess and I am obsessed
10. After almost 2 years I finally got back to Washington DC. What better way to sightsee than to run
11. Dino love at the Museum of Natural History
12. I somehow scratched my cornea and got to be a pirate/hungover at work with my eye patch and sunglasses. I was also a walking pharmacy with all my meds. Healed up now though!

August is already under way and I have a lot of fun stuff that has already happened and will soon happen. Sea Isle weekend with my girls, pool party, garage sale and a trip to Vancouver AND Wisconsin. Jam packed this month (as always).


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