Making the Old, New Again…PhotoBin Review

So a few years ago I started a very long, tedious project. I collected all the photos in my house and started to organize them. It took a few months and a lot of trying to figure out what years things were taken, but I did it. After that my goal was to scan all the images so I had a hard copy of the photos. That took even longer.

While going through boxes and bins looking for photos I also found a lot of old slides, negatives, movie reels and videos. I bought a converter to digitize all my old movies (still working on that project) and my dad bought something to put the movie reels on VHS (which I digitized).

It’s crazy how technology has changed just since my parents were teenagers!

I put all the old slides aside in a box. I only had a photo scanner and I was trying to focus on one thing at a time. Well time has gotten away from me. I have most of the images scanned and some movies, but the project has just grown and grown.

In April I saw an Amazon Local deal for a company called PhotoBin. The deal was for 350 images (photos, slides or negatives) that they would convert for you. I looked up reviews and they seemed pretty reputable. I decided to buy 2 of the deals since I had so many slides and no way to convert them.

In May I packaged up 350 (of my over 1,000) slides and sent them off to get converted. I really wasn’t sure what was on the slides since holding it up to the light you can just barely make out faces. I did know most of them were pretty old.

PhotoBin ReviewHow cool is this old slide case?

PhotoBin Review

So I waited…and I waited…and I waited. Finally last week I got an email saying my conversion was finished! First they sent me a link to all my images so I could see them while waiting for my original slides and the disk to come back. The website option was great because I could click through the images and send the link to friends and family if I wanted.

PhotoBin Review

I looked through the images online, but they were out of order (whatever order I attempted to put them in) so I was excited when I finally got the disk.

Korea during the Vietnam War

The photos I was most excited for were the ones my dad had taken during the Vietnam War. He was stationed in Korea as an airplane mechanic and some of the photos are amazing.

Korea during the Vietnam War

I am going to do an entire post just of these photos because there are so many and they are all so cool!

Korea during the Vietnam War

A lot of the older slides came out great considering how they were stored and how old they were. I love looking at pictures of my parents when they were younger.

My parents

Look at this gem I had never seen before of my parents! Also look at those cool old cars. Punchbuggy!

My parents

Some of the older slides also did not come out so well. A lot had dirt on them when I was looking at them so I knew some were going to be bad. I can definitely try to clean them up in Photoshop though.

Grand Canyon


I have a lot of prints of our baby photos, but a bunch of these I had never even seen before.

Baby Photos

Thug babies with our bottles.

Baby Photos

Our first Halloween!

Baby Photos

We loved (and still do) rides when we were little.

Baby Photos

Do you want to build a snowman?

I was very pleased with PhotoBin and the quality of the images. It did take about 2 months for me to get everything done and back, but with the voucher I am sure they got inundated with orders. I am now going to put together another 350 to send to them and see if I can make a dent in this pile! Definitely a lot easier than sitting on the floor for days months doing it myself.


2 thoughts on “Making the Old, New Again…PhotoBin Review

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  2. Hi Jessi! Thanks for the PhotoBin props! We LOVE hearing the ways people reconnect and share, not only with the actual photos, slides and videos but also with the people and places in them. Good luck with your slide identifications. Very cool! (love your other posts, too…and your designs :)


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