Where in the World…St. Louis

So last year I went to St. Louis to celebrate my friends, Jill and Kate, at their wedding. That was not my first trip to St. Louis though. In 2008 I went when Jill first moved out there for grad school. We went out in October so it wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t hot either. Cheryl and I went with our two other friends, Kier and Melissa.

When we got to town it was the afternoon. We decided to get lunch at a local favorite called Fitz’s. I could have sworn at the time they had something topped with Frito’s (maybe a burger?), but the menu doesn’t seem to showcase that so who knows! I do remember they are know for their root beer which was fantastic!

Then we walked around on Delmar Blvd. I discovered something new on my first trip to St. Louis. Panera Bread was founded in St. Louis and there they just call it Saint Louis Bread Co. (or as the locals say Bread Co.). How cool is that!

Saint Louis Bread Co.

After we went to decided to go to…The Budweiser Brewery.

Anheuser-Busch - Budweiser Brewery

My uncle worked for Miller (he still is a consultant so I guess he still does) and we have loyalty. I wasn’t super excited to go to the Bud Brewery, but it’s nice to see how other breweries operate…and I like beer. I actually really hate Bud and Bud Lite though, gives me a headache. Maybe it’s a mental thing?

Anyway the brewery tour was cool. We got to see the famous Clydesdale horses and the stables they are kept in. The brewery tour itself was lame. We were put in a glass observation room to look down at the lines. To be honest I think the regular Miller tour might be lame too, but we get the private tour so I can’t compare.

Anheuser-Busch - Budweiser Brewery

After the tour we headed to the Biergarten and I had Rolling Rock since I can’t drink Bud.

Later that night we went to get food and drinks at a local martini bar. The drinks were good.

St. Louis 2008

After we headed to a unique place down the street called Pin-Up Bowl. It’s a bowling alley where you can eat and drink and their decor are old pin-up models. It was really cool and very crowded. We didn’t actually get to bowl since the wait was so long, but we hung out with some of Jill’s friends and had a few more drinks.

Pin-Up Bowl

The next day we decided to hit a few more tourist spots. We took the train downtown to the Gateway Arch.

Gateway Arch

You had to pay to go up in the arch and also wait on a very long line. The arch was made in 1965 (it was started in 1963) and the “elevator” system to get people to the top is pretty antiquated. The arch is 630 feet and the ride to the top is in an enclosed “pod”. One side brings you up, the other side brings you down. It says it takes 4 minutes. I am sure it does if they don’t load other people in and out. A word of warning. If you are claustrophobic, don’t go!

Gateway Arch

We waited in line for a while and then finally got to our pod door. We assumed 5 grown people could not fit inside, but they insisted we all take one pod so we all hopped in. It was VERY cramped, but fun on the way up.

Gateway Arch

At that top we saw some amazing views of the city. It is really freaky to look down from the windows up top. You are so high up! Then we headed back down in our little cramped pod.

Gateway Arch

That night we headed back out on the town to Blueberry Hill. They usually have a lot of bands and live music there. We were exhausted so we didn’t stay too long.

St. Louis

When we left the bar we decided to stop by Fitz’s for a late night Coney Island hot dog. Yum!

St. Louis was a fun place. There are a lot of different sections to visit and I am glad I was able to go more than once. The first time up in the Gateway Arch though is a memorable one!


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