Running in Washington D.C.

So on Friday morning at the crack of dawn (5am) we headed down to Washington D.C. My little cousin hasn’t done long car rides before (he just turned 1) so there was some unexpected stopping along the way. We finally made it to the hotel around noon and then headed out to explore. It was a fun day with my family (more on that later this week).

Cheryl and I had decided we were going to go for a run on Saturday morning. We made sure to pack all our running essentials. We were exhausted from the day before so we didn’t set an alarm. Luckily AJ was my alarm when he woke up around 6am. We got dressed and headed out to run around 6:30am.

I follow a D.C. runner blog called Fannetastic Food. I am always jealous of the amazing views she has on her city runs. Cheryl and I decided we were going to try and run to as many landmarks as we could.

We were staying at the St. Gregory on M and 21 Street in DuPont Circle. We decided to head straight down 21st Street until we got to Constitution Avenue. Then we went down Henry Bacon Drive to the Lincoln Memorial.

Washington D.C. Run

The only people at the memorial at 7am were runners, bikers and a few random tourists. We headed up the steps and took a few pictures with Mr. Lincoln.

Lincoln Memorial

I even tried out my Party Party app again to show the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool

Really the mornings in D.C. belong to the runners. No one here!

Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool

I was so glad the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool were finished. Last time I was here they were under construction. We headed back down the stairs and ran along the Reflecting Pool (avoiding a lot of goose poop) and toward the World War II Memorial.

Washington D.C. Run

Some of the World War II Memorial is still under construction, but it’s so nice with the fountain in the middle.

Washington Monument and World War II Memorial

We headed around the outside of the memorial and Cheryl was able to find an open bathroom nearby. Then we headed toward the Washington Monument. There were a lot of bikers and runners on this path too.

Washington D.C. Run

Once we passed the monument we headed left down 15th Street. We saw a huge line of people waiting along the street to go into the White House. I am pretty sure you need a ticket or invitation to go. Maybe one day I will try for one! We decided to head to the back of the White House since the front lawn is so long you are so far away. We made a left down Pennsylvania Avenue and there it was!

White House

Again we were the only ones there. How crazy is that!?!

White House

We continued along Pennsylvania Avenue and made a right on 18th Street and headed back up to the hotel. It was a 3.5 mile run all together. We did stop A LOT for pictures and it was overcast which was nice. Perfect morning for a run!

When we got back we showered and got some breakfast with my cousins. They also wanted to see the memorials so around 10am we headed back down and WOW what a difference a few hours makes!

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool

It was really nice to be able to see D.C. in a calm atmosphere with really no one around expect fellow runners. I would definitely recommend running the memorials the next time you are in D.C. and make sure you are up early!


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