Eye Problems

How was everyone’s weekend? I was down in Washington D.C. on Friday and Saturday with my sister and my cousins. We had a good time, but getting to do a lot in D.C. is pretty difficult in a day and a half! Cheryl and I took the train home Saturday evening which was nice to just relax and not have to drive. Sunday morning I had planned on going for my long run of the weekend. When I woke up I felt like I had something in my eye. You know that feeling? I went to the bathroom and looked around my eye to see if there was any eyelash or anything, but I couldn’t see anything. Then I used a water eye cup and tried to flush it out. Nothing came out and it still hurt a little.

I figured I might have a stubborn eyelash under my lid. I am not good with stuff like that (touching my eyes) since I don’t wear glasses or contacts. I figured I would just let it move itself out. I hung out in my room for a little, but it slowly got worse. Going in bright light started to really hurt and make my eye tear up. I must admit I was rubbing it a little (so difficult not to), but that probably was just making it worse. My sister had a scratch on her cornea a year or two ago and said my symptoms sounded like what happened to her….great.

I went to bed hoping it would clear up over night. Sadly when I woke up I could barely open my eye. It was bright red and bloodshot and the smallest amount of light put me in pain. I called out of work then tried my eye doctor’s office (once it finally opened). The receptionist told me they were booked solid at which point I got upset and pleaded with her asking if she knew of any other doctor’s because I was in so much pain. She took pity on me and told me to come down as soon as I could.

You know what’s difficult? Taking a picture of your eye with a phone. I tried taking a picture of my eye in pain on my walk to the office. I wore sunglasses (even though it was cloudy) because it hurt so much.

Eye Problems

Doesn’t look bad from the picture, but trust me. BRIGHT RED!

I got to the office and signed in and kept my sunglasses on. It made the harsh fluorescent light bearable. Finally a nurse took me in to get my details. She had me attempt to read the eye chart, which was kind of evil. I cannot see and you want me to read little letters on a light box. I probably walked out with a vision scale of close to blind. Finally the doctor called me in a checked out my eye. He said not only did I have a scratch on my cornea, but I also had an infection in my eye. GROSS! I did realize how squeamish I am when people touch certain parts of my body. He flipped my eyelid up (many attempts I kept freaking out) and I broke out in a sweat and felt like I was going to pass out.

After 2 hours he sent me how with 3 prescriptions and that I had to come back on Wednesday to check and make sure it was healing. My mom luckily works close by so on her lunch break she carted me around to get the meds. Being sick is so expensive! $80 later I had my medications and this cool eye patch.

Eye Problems

I had already taken off the end of the week so I knew I would have to go to work today. I figured staring at a computer screen all day would be painful so I needed something to ease the light in my eye.

This morning when I woke up it was slightly better. I got ready for work and got in my car. Driving was horrible. I had sunglasses on but I had to keep closing my eye because the sunshine was a lot to handle. My fault for keeping myself in my room cave for 2 days!

Now at work I am rotating between wearing my pirate eye patch and sunglasses. The patch kind of gives me vertigo and makes my left eye hurt since that is the only one I am using.

Eye Problems

Hopefully the meds kick is soon and I can see better and not be so light sensitive. I would not wish this upon anyone! Guess running and crossfit are out of the question until this is healed.

Have you ever hurt your eye? Tips please!


3 thoughts on “Eye Problems

  1. I’ve never scratched my cornea and OH MY GOD I DON’T THINK I COULD DEAL, AHHHHHH, I CANNOT TOUCH MY EYE OR DO ANYTHING CLOSE TO MY EYE, seriously it took me until I had graduated from high school to feel comfortable putting on eye makeup. I wear glasses occasionally but just to make things a wee bit sharper, I don’t even know if I’d need them for driving since I haven’t owned a car in years. People are always like, “Oh, if you got contacts, you’d get used to it” BUT I HONESTLY DON’T THINK I COULD AHHHHHHH


  2. I know! If I had to wear glasses I would never be able to have contacts. The thought of touching my eye ugh. I am also a spaz just putting drops in. They wind up all over my face haha


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