Throwback Thursday – Gettysburg

So today my coworkers and I went to lunch (a boozy one), and somehow we got on the topic of history and historical sites and places we went when we were kids. We talked about visiting battlefields in the South and plantations and museums all over. That got me thinking about the trips I used to take with my family down south to historical places like Gettysburg and Williamsburg. My dad wasn’t big on crowds or roller coasters and he could only stand being on the beach for so long, but he loved going to historical places.


The Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point in the Civil War. It was the Union victory that ended General Robert E. Lee’s second invasion of the North. It was also the Civil War’s bloodiest battle and the inspiration for the immortal Gettysburg Address.


I honestly can’t tell you how old I was during this Gettysburg trip (I know we went more than once) and I am going to assume it was in the fall or early spring since we are wearing long sleeves and pants (awesome floral pants might I add), but I am sure it was fun and educational.


We went up into one of the observation towers and were able to look out over the graveyard and the town nearby.


We also toured the battlefields.


We also got to see a lot of the weapons used during the Civil War like canons.


And what trip to a historic site is complete without going into a castle like Little Round Top.


As a kid I remember going on all these long road trips to historic places and learning about stuff, but most of it I don’t really remember. My dad loved being behind the camera videotaping and taking pictures of us marveling at all the stuff.

I would really love to get back to Gettysburg (and other places like it) one day. My dad instilled in me the passion for learning new things and I would like to revisit some of the sites I visited as a kid with a new perspective. Heck I bet there are marathons in these places! Even more of a reason to go!


Anywhere you traveled as a kid (or as an adult) I should visit?


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