Wisconsin State Fair – Food on a Stick

This post is brought to you by my love of food! After I graduated college in 2007 I decided I needed to see my family in Wisconsin more. Up until that point I had actually never been to Wisconsin to see them. The first year we went we decided to go in the summer and go during one of their many summer festivals. We decided to go during the Wisconsin State Fair. We had a blast and tried cream puffs and cheese curds for the first time. Cream puffs are only sold at the fair so the lines are insane. You can watch them be made right in front of you. They are cream-filled pastries that taste like heaven. Cheese curds are found all over Wisconsin. They are like mini mozzarella balls, but lots of different kinds of cheese can be used.

2007 Wisconsin State Fair

The following year we decided to try the other summer festival Summerfest. It is the world’s largest music festival. We had a blast rocking out to music from all different bands.

WARNING! The following post may make you extremely hungry. Read at your own risk!

In 2009 we decided to head back during the state fair again. This time we also went on a mission. Cheryl worked for the Smithsonian at the time and they asked her (since we were going) to take pictures of all the foods on a stick. I had also joked that we should try and eat all the foods on a stick, but this was my post weight-loss summer and I quickly decided we could try some but not all. The foods on a stick are very popular at the fair. They have A LOT and even print the list in the paper so people going will know what’s new and where to find it. Most of the items were deep fried, but really how else do you get something to stay on a stick.

2009 Wisconsin State Fair

We arrived at the fair in the early afternoon with a BIG appetite! It was a little cloudy out, but we didn’t care.

2009 Wisconsin State Fair

The first food on a stick that we saw was the traditional chocolate covered banana. This one we only snapped a picture of. Cheryl hates bananas.

Chocolate Covered Banana

Next we decided we were hungry and should try a few things. First we got (and split) the deep fried mac and cheese. They were pretty good, but a little greasy.

Deep Fried Mac and Cheese

Next Cheryl got deep fried crab cake on a stick. I mean who doesn’t love crab cakes! I loved how most people just made the food and threw a stick through it so it would be considered “on a stick”.

Deep Fried Crab Cakes

After we headed into the poultry house to see all the chickens. They are just so cute (and tasty too).

2009 Wisconsin State Fair

Inside we found this ice cream stand that my cousin Sarah said we HAD to try. Cheryl and Sarah split a cone and I had my ice cream over hot apple pie. Yum!

Ice Cream and Apple Pie

Once we were done we headed back outside to see what else we could find. We stumbled across a pork chop on a stick (we didn’t try it).

Pork Chop

And of course the ever popular candy apples. I love mine covered in chocolate and peanut butter!

Candy Apples

Next we passed a sign and I knew I HAD to try deep fried smores. It was SO GOOD. I think we bought another one later on.

Deep Fried Smores

Next we just walked around and took some pictures. I needed to digest all the food I just had. We found a turkey leg, chocolate covered cookie dough on a stick, and the traditional corn dog. There was also deep fried shrimp on a stick and a reuben on a stick.

Turkey leg, Cookie Dough, Corn Dog


Shrimp and Reuben

Next we stopped to try the new food of the fair that year, chocolate covered bacon. I know it has since become popular, but this was the first time I had seen it. I was the only one that liked bacon so I tried it. Definitely not a fan.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

We moved on to the next booth over where i discovered my absolute favorite food on a stick. Deep friend peanut butter and jelly on a stick! I still go back and get it every time I am in town for state fair. So so so so good.

Deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly

After the chocolate covered bacon and PB&J I had to take a breather so we walked around again. We found jerk chicken skewers, deep fried snickers, bacon wrapped scallops and a brat on a stick!

Jerk Chicken

Deep Fried Snickers

Bacon Wrapped Scallops and Brat

At this point the sky opened up and it started to rain. It was mostly drizzling at first so we didn’t let it bother us. It was a warm rain which I like. We decided to keep the sugar rush going and shared a chocolate ice cream bar covered in peanuts.

Chocolate Peanut Ice Cream Bar

We kept walking around and found a few more things we had missed! Cherry pie on a stick and pancakes and sausage.

Cherry Pie

Pancakes and Sausage

On our last loop around we realized we had forgotten to stop at the MOST IMPORTANT place! The cream puff building! I know they aren’t technically “on a stick” but you cannot go to the Wisconsin State Fair and not have cream puffs!

Cream Puff

Then it REALLY started to rain. I was so full I could barely walk and so were my sister and cousin. We figured it was time to call it quits and head home.

2009 Wisconsin State Fair

I love going to the Wisconsin State Fair whenever I can. They have music, food, rides and my aunt’s favorite is the gadget house. A huge building with tables of people who make things or sell stuff (as seen on TV type stuff). I can spend hours in there. I am pretty jealous that New Jersey doesn’t have a kick ass fair, but the Midwest really knows how to put on a festival.

And now I am hungry….


One thought on “Wisconsin State Fair – Food on a Stick

  1. Awww I haven’t been to the Wisconsin State Fair in like a decade. I miss those huge cream puffs! I can sometimes find smaller ones at pastry shops when I’m visiting my parents in Wisconsin or even here in NYC but never those fresh ones the size of your head. Boo. Did you ever go to the Minnesota State Fair? They don’t have the cream puffs, but they might have even more crazy fried foods on sticks than Wisconsin!


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