Summer Weekends

So I did not have a chance to post yesterday. It was not because I was busy or anything…I reached my image space maximum. Now I don’t have a crazy amount of blog posts, but the ones I do have a picture heavy. I have never really bothered sizing all my photos a certain size, even though I should have. Instead of paying the $99 to upgrade (because I’m broke) I decided to pull down and resize ALL my blog post images and replace them. That took ALL NIGHT, but now it’s done and I went from having used 3GB of space to just 461Mb. Crazy! It won’t last forever, but it lets me post again.

Crossft has been going amazingly well. Cheryl and I reached a milestone last week. We can now do box jumps! Some people might be like…so. Well I am short (5 ft 2 in) so the box is taller than my knees. Try convincing yourself to jump in the air to land on a platform that is taller than your knees…not easy.

Crossfit Box Jumps

Our crossfit even posted our accomplishment!

Zac Brown Band
On Thursday this week I went to my first country concert in a while. Two years ago we got the Country Mega Ticket so we were going to shows every few weeks. I honestly felt like an alcoholic by the end of the summer. I think I burned myself out. Zac Brown Band was playing in New Jersey at PNC in Holmdel and a bunch of my friends asked if we wanted to go. I of course said yes!

I worked from home on Thursday so we could leave as soon as I was done and hit less traffic. It helped, but the lots were still pretty full when we got down there. Jill bypassed the first lot (even though they were yelling at her) and we found closer spots to the entrance. We parked and tailgated by the car.

Zac Brown Concert

We decided to go inside when they opened the doors since there were a lot of us and we wanted to find a good spot on the lawn. We had drank a decent amount of beer outside (and we got sandwiches for dinner), but once I start I like to keep going. Cheryl luckily had cash and got me a beer.

Zac Brown Concert

There was an opening act who was pretty good, but I don’t remember his name. The one problem with drinking is it makes you have to go to the bathroom and man were those lines long. The first time we went (I was slightly tipsy) we just went in the stalls in the mens room. They don’t use them! The second time we went there were security guards saying we had to stand in the crazy line that went up stairs. Women were getting annoyed and when I asked why we couldn’t use them men’s room this guy was giving me all these crazy reasons (none of which made sense). They eventually left and it was a free-for-all but I was already at the front of the women’s line.

Zac Brown Concert

Eventually the sun started to set which meant that the main act would be going on soon!

Zac Brown Concert

Zac Brown puts on an awesome show. We danced and sang all night long.

Once the show was over we headed to the car. Of course we parked in a ditch area and Jill attempted to drive out over the curb but it was a no go. Cheryl and I got out to try and push and like 15 guys came over to help haha. Still she had to go all the way around to get out. Once we were on the highway we saw a bad accident (going the opposite direction) and then we hit construction traffic. It was a late night by the time we got home, but lots of fun!

Phillip Phillips/O.A.R
On Saturday we continued our concert trend and went down to PNC again for the Phillip Phillips and OAR concert. I love OAR. They came to our college senior year and I met them (I was on Campus Activities Board) and they put on a great show. I also love Phillip Phillips voice.

Phillip Phillips and OAR

We went down in the late afternoon (around 4) because I figured it would be packed like Thursday. Well it was not…not yet anyway. We got a good spot under some shade and tailgated for a while. The lot started filling up as it got later, but nowhere near as many people as Thursday.

We were sure if there was an opening act and we wanted to see both of the co-headliners so we went in on time. The lawn was barely full so we got a decent spot to sit.

Phillip Phillips and OAR

The lawn got crowded, but it was comfortable.

Phillip Phillips and OAR

While we were watching the opening act (yes there was one) I was people watching. The highlight of my night was watching these two security guards CONTINUOUSLY bust this group of underage kids. They kept going over an carding them, reprimanding them, and taking their beers away. I still have no clue how they were getting beers but after 3 times you think they would just give up! My hero!

Phillip Phillips and OAR

As the sun went down Phillip Phillips started first. He was good, but he just kept jammin. I don’t mind a jam session, but not your whole set. I wanted more songs!

Then O.A.R. came on. They are so good in concert. We were singing and dancing all night long.

Phillip Phillips and OAR

We had an annoying group of kids next to us. By the end of the night they were drunk and kept slamming into us and dancing all over our blanket. If it was more crowded I wouldn’t have cared, but there was SO MUCH SPACE. I just said whatever and did my own thing. No reason to let annoying people ruin your night!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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