Running Disney……again

So in 2013 I ran every runDisney race (in Florida) except for the Everest Challenge. Cheryl and I bought season passes and made the most of them. We decided we wanted to dress up for every run, and I must say we had some pretty awesome costumes.

runDisney 2013

Well after our year of runs we thought we were done, but NO! Our friends decided they wanted to try some runDisney races too. Some have done them before but a few have never run a half marathon and they wanted Disney to be their first. So…I AM RUNNING THE GLASS SLIPPER CHALLENGE!

Glass Slipper Challenge

I am actually REALLY excited about it. I forgot how much fun those races were. I can’t wait to show my friends how much fun running a half marathon can be as well.

When we ran in 2013 it was just the Princess Half Marathon. This year they added a 10K the day before and created the Glass Slipper Challenge. After doing the Dopey Challenge in January just two races should be a piece of cake.

Even though registration was hectic and stressful we all made it into the race. It sold out in 2 hours! I remember registering for the Princess two years ago weeks after it went live and there were still spots. These Disney races are getting really popular!

Disney Glass Slipper Challenge

So even though I remember it being HOT and the lines for characters were the LONGEST of any race I am ready for more runDisney!

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2013

Now it’s time to prepare! We already have flights booked and now we are registered for the race. WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!?! Our costumes in 2013 were pretty great.

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2013

Can’t wait to see what we can all come up with and I can’t wait to add more bling to my magical medal holder!

Disney Medals

Anyone else running!?!


4 thoughts on “Running Disney……again

  1. I debated the GSC for about HALF A SECOND yesterday but I know I’ll be hella broke (and perhaps dead) after Dopey/Marathon Weekend in January! You guys really kill it in the costume game; I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!


  2. I am! And once the 5k was announced as Frozen, I signed up for that as well! I’m going super rundisney crazy this here (Dumbo, wine and dine, avengers, dopey, rebel challenge at star wars, and Now 5k + glass slipper at princess!) I love all your last costumes so I know whatever you do will be great!


    • I am still contemplating doing the 5K too. Just not sure if I want to wake up so early 3 days in a row! Wine and Dine was my favorite I am doing that next year and one in Disneyland because I want a Coast to Coast. Let me know how Avengers and Star Wars are. Those are the two I am deciding between!


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