Whimseybox June – Gold Leaf Frame

So last week I posted about my awesome new box service I just started receiving. I slacked on doing the May one when I got it because I was swamped with work. I was able to do both the May and June boxes within a day of each other when I got my June box.

I was really excited when I got my June Whimseybox in the mail. I had always wanted to try gold leaf, but it seemed pretty difficult so I never attempted it. My box had all the essentials to make a gold leaf frame.

Looking back I should have painted the whole frame a color first. I am not a fan of the light wood (right out of the box) frames, but the gold leaf was going to add something to it anyway. I started by reading ALL the instructions first. I hate getting halfway through a project and realizing I missed something or messed up along the way. I like to pre-read everything to make sure I understand the concept first.

I also looked at the step-by-step directions on the website. It includes pictures which helps to follow along.

I started by using a piece of paper and tracing a line across my frame where I wanted the gold leaf to go. I decided I wanted to attempt the “dipped” look. The next part I was confused about at first. The small bottles in the box were not labelled so I wasn’t sure which one was the gold leaf glue and which was the finishing adhesive. I assumed it was the browner liquid and after checking online I discovered I was right. I put the glue on the frame along the line I had traced and all around the edges.

Once I was done and everything was evenly covered I set a timer (20 minutes) and washed off my brush. I did some other things around the house as I waited for the blue to dry. Once the timer went off I went and checked the frame. It looked tacky so I decided to move on to the next part.

Then everything went to shit.

I find myself to be a pretty patient person. I have no problem with tedious projects that involve a lot of concentration. Golf leafing I guess is not my fortay.

I added the sheets of gold leaf over the frame like instructed. I tried to lay them down as flat as possible, but one wrong move and it landed bubbled and you were done. After covering the frame with the gold leaf I used the small brush to “smooth” it out. Some places it worked, others it clumped and began coming off the frame completely. I am not sure if some areas with glue had too much or too little, but after about 10 minutes of “smoothing” I had to walk away. Large chunks were missing. My brush was a mess and I had gold leaf blobs all over the place.

I let when was on the frame dry and then went back and added some more glue to the spots where the gold leaf refused to stick. Then I let those dry and added more gold leaf. A few spots still would not stick but other spots I was able to make look semi-decent. The whole frame was very rough, not smooth like it should have been.

From far away the frame does not look that bad (as long as you don’t look at the edges/bottom). I will definitely attempt to gold leaf something else again and see if I can get any better at this.

I love the way gold leaf looks on frames and vases so I really want to be able to master this craft and gold leaf some other things. I mean how cute are these bottles!

Gold Leaf Milk Bottles

I still have some glue left over so I might attempt this other Whimseybox DIY. Have you ever attempted to gold leaf? Tips please!

I also just discovered what happens when you type in a wrong link on Whimseybox haha! Who wouldn’t want a hug from Ryan (soon to be a hot dad) Gosling.



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