Project Life – June 2014

Even though I don’t do my Project Life pages week to week on time, I still manage to get them done. Usually it’s in huge bursts which helps with printing, but it’s harder to remember specific details about what happened during that week.

The month started off with building our new backyard oasis and gazebo. The weather was beautiful one day then shit the next, but it seems to have settled on beautiful lately.

The following week I had a trade show in New York. I actually don’t mind going to shows when it is nice out. I love walking around the city in the sunshine. I also have been doing a lot of crossfit (box jump fear overcome) and running. We participated in the Oaklye 10K in New York. It was a hot day, but the run was a lot of fun.

We went kayaking in the Catskills. It was such a nice day and a fun adventure. Then we headed to the Brooklyn Brewery for my friends birthday. We got there early in the day to claim tables and we brought our own food (sandwiches and cupcakes). It was a good time. I just would have loved for the tables to be outside. It was such a nice day!

June ended with a garage clean out to prepare for our upcoming garage sale. It was also AJ’s first birthday! My cousin doesn’t like his pictures online so that is why they are blurred out, but trust me he is such a cutie.

I just also want to add that thanks to Estelle and her Dressing for the Parks segment I have a new dress I am obsessed with.

Love me some dinos! Have a great weekend!


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