Throwback Thursday – Family Brewers Game

So last week I was approached by Fanatics to take part in their ‘Family Fanatics’ initiative, which challenges bloggers to describe how sports has brought their family together. Fanatics’ site has anything you’re looking for that’s sports-related – MLB hats, jerseys, you name it! That made me think…what events had my family done all together? It brought me back to my cousin’s wedding in Wisconsin in 2008.

My family lives all over the country, so weddings or other events is really the only time we all get together. Even a wedding is difficult to get EVERYONE there, but we try. I live in New Jersey. I also have family in Florida, Deleware, and Wisconsin. Everyone was excited for a family wedding/vacation so most people packed up the cars (or took a plane) and set off for the land of cheese and beer!

Everyone in my family made the trip into a long vacation. The wedding was wonderful and we had a lot of family events planned throughout the weekend. My uncle (at the time, since retired) worked for Miller so we did a big group tour. After the tour we decided to do the next best family activity. Go to a Brewers game!

Now with family being from all over the country, getting everyone to agree to go to a sporting event was rough. Everyone has their team loyalties (Yankees, Red Sox, Mets) but family trumps all that. When else would we all be together to enjoy a baseball game!

We made sure we did it right too. My aunt and uncle loaded up the cars and we were off. My uncle cooked brats and hot dogs on the grill for us. He was a pro and knew how to tailgate.

Not everyone came with us (the kids were too little), but the true baseball fans couldn’t miss the opportunity. We tailgated in the parking lot until it was time to go in for the game.

This was my first time at Miller Park where the Brewers play. The stadium was awesome! This was also my first stadium visit with a retractable dome. Later during the game a storm was threatening so they closed the dome. It was a slow process, but so cool to see!

It was such a special event to be able to hang out withy my family and watch the baseball game. I love going to sporting events with family.

I have since been to a lot more sporting events, but none with all my family together. One of these years we have to try and all get together again for something so we can make new memories.


Fanatics is a top online retailer of all sorts of sports merchandise and apparel, you can find anything from hats of your favorite team to autographed memorabilia from your favorite player! Fanatics approached me to take part in their ‘Family Fanatics’ initiative.


One thought on “Throwback Thursday – Family Brewers Game

  1. Aww this is so fun. I’m from Wisconsin so I end up going back and going to a Brewers game like once a year. Miller Park and its cool dome still feel new to me, even though it opened like 12 years ago … I went to a lot of baseball games at their old stadium when I was a kid!


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