A Long Time Ago….Veronica Mars Movie Premiere in LA

So this post I have been itching to write, but I definitely wanted to wait to give you the rest of my California adventure reviews.

A long time ago…we used to be friends. The infamous theme song from Veronica Mars. If you have never heard of Veronica Mars (I feel bad for you) I suggest you grab the DVDs and make a weekend of watching the 3 seasons. It was a TV series that originally aired in 2004. The premise was Veronica (played by Kristen Bell) was a high school student/private eye. Her best friend was murdered, her dad was the sheriff but was kicked out of office and her friends abandoned her. Her dad accused her best friends parents (RICH parents) of being involved. Writing it out is so hard to explain, you really just need to watch it. After 3 seasons the show was suddenly cancelled and the fans (like myself) were not happy. The show has definitely had a cult following and the actors themselves felt bad that they didn’t give the fans a proper ending and goodbye.

About a year before we heard that the cast and director of Veronica Mars were planning a Kickstarter to raise funds to make a movie. Warner Bros. said they would not fund a full movie, but if they raised enough money they would fund the distribution. The goal of Rob Thomas (the director) was to raise 2 million dollars. They thought it was going to take a lot so they speed the word via social media. The point of Kickstarter is if you “back” a project you get something in return. Depending on how much money you back the better the prize. Cheryl and I JUMPED at the chance to back a movie. As we were scrolling through the incentives we saw that one was an LA Movie Premiere and After Party. You got 2 tickets to both the premiere and after-party. It came with a big ticket though $1,000. We thought and fought about it for about 20 minutes then said “once in a lifetime opportunity” and bought it. We split it evenly and waited. The only way you get charged or get the prize is if they reach their goal. Well they did…in one day! By the time the Kickstarter ended they had raised $5 million! They had to keep adding incentives because they kept running out. They added a NY and Texas premiere as well, but the LA one seemed so much better.

So after spending the day at the pool we got ready for the premiere. We were going to meet some people in the lobby for drinks first.

We sat at the bar for a little, but I started getting antsy. I knew there would be a line and I wanted a good spot on the red carpet. A few people left before us and everyone was saying they were silly for leaving so early. Cheryl and I chugged our wine then headed out early as well. We got across the street then stood in a decent line to go check in. We were glad we got there when we did because the line started getting crazy after us. Our room looked directly at the theatre so I showed my mom how to use my camera (and zoom) and told her to take pictures. I called her to let her know we were almost at check in. Look it’s us!

After we checked in and got our tickets and VIP after party stuff we headed across the red carpet to the viewing area. There were already a lot of people there. I wanted to stand in front. There was a little space but then a security guard came over and asked everyone to move down to fit more people. I was still by the railing and moved further toward the street. I did some maneuvering as people around us took pictures. I mean why wouldn’t you move when someone was taking a picture. Anyway I somehow grabbed Cheryl and got her to the front railing as well. After a few minutes it started getting REALLY full and then we saw it…they made people arriving late GO INSIDE. There was not enough room for everyone on the red carpet. THANK GOODNESS we left when we did.

Then the cast started to arrive. The first person there was Amanda Noret (Madison Sinclair). She is so pretty in person. At first we just all said hi to her and she signed autographs. A little later we realized that we were allowed to ask for pictures (everyone else was). So we called her back over to get a photo with us. 

After Amanda was the leading lady herself. I honestly LOVE Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars). She is the nicest person I have ever met. She went down the line of fans signing autographs and taking pictures before going over to talk with the reports and stuff. I mean we DID pay for the movie to be made and she understood that.

At this point it started getting loud and a lot of people started to arrive at once. People were screaming and yelling and stuff. My mom got this handsome guy getting out of his car. TEAM LOGAN

Anyway Cheryl and I kept yelling “over here” and “can we get a photo”. Not sure if it was the twin thing, but we got a picture with every almost every cast member on the red carpet! Next we saw my favorite character from the show Francis Capra (Weevil).

Then it was a flood of people! Jerry O’Connell (Dan Lamb) and papa bear Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars).

Then Kristen’s husband Dax Shepard (from Parenthood) showed up and Logan’s parents from the show. Real life married couple Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna (Aaron and Lynn Echolls). 

It was so cute to see Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls) reunite with them :)

It took a lot of screaming but we finally got the man himself, Rob Thomas, to take a picture with us.

Then a woman came over to talk to us. She was like “are you two twins” and we said yes of course. She said that she has two sets of twins (one set of boys and one set of girls). Then she says she is Jason Dohring’s mom. Then she said some magical words. “Hold on let me go get Jason for you”. Jason came over and she introduced us to him and he gave us a huge hug. HIGHLIGHT! Then we took a picture of course. Then Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas) showed up. He is so funny in person he was running around like a goof.

At this point they started telling everyone we had to go inside and get our seats for the show to start. It was already 10 minutes past when the movie was supposed to start. I saw a few other cast members on the red carpet so I decided to wait (we had assigned seats anyway). Right at the end Tina Majorino (Mac) and Percy Daggs III (Wallace) came by and we got our pictures.

The only person we didn’t get (who was a complete asshole the whole night) was Chris Lowell (Piz). Then they really started yelling and my feet were KILLING me so we headed inside and got in our seats. The whole cast went up and Rob Thomas introduced the movie and then it was time!

The movie was AMAZING. I have watched it multiple times since. I highly recommend seeing it (and the whole series too).

After the movie it was time for the after party. On the way out Jason Dohring was at the exit thanking people for coming. We found a few of our friends and started walking to where the after party was. I didn’t realize that they also had premiere only Kickstarter packages. A lot of people were bummed they couldn’t go with us. We headed down the street to Sadie’s. It was quite a walk in sore feet (I hate heels).

Now the reason we took so many pictures on the red carpet was because we weren’t sure how accessible the cast was going to be at the after party. Well they were there hanging out and mingling and drinking with everyone. Except Chris Lowell who thought he was the king of the party.

When we walked in we saw Daran Norris (Cliff) and I had to get a picture. I saw him off to the side on the red carpet, but he didn’t really walk it. This was the only picture I took with my regular camera (I forgot to charge it). All the other pictures we took on our iPhones.

As I was waiting in line for the bar I saw Francis Capra again. He was my favorite character so I asked if I could get a picture with him by myself. He said sure. He was having the time of his life. Cheryl tried a few times but it was too dark so we walked into the other room and got some nice pictures. (Yes I love pictures but I had to document the GREATEST night of my life).

We headed back to the bar and got some (free) drinks. I had brought money I wasn’t sure if it would all be free. Near the bar I noticed a girl. Then I realized it was Jessy Schram (Hannah). She wasn’t on the show for long, but I later realized i also knew her from Falling Skies.

Then we noticed people in small groups all over the bar. They were all waiting to take pictures with certain people. We figured why not and waited in a few of the little crowds. First I saw Ryan Hansen. He remembered us and said “TWINS!” haha

Then Cheryl wanted to take another picture with Enrico because the one on the red carpet was very bright. She also wanted to tell him how much she loved and missed Flash Point. He was so happy someone else knew about that show!

Then I noticed Jason near the door so I made a beeline over by him. He is seriously so cute.

The most changed night goes to Duane Daniels (Mr. Van Clemmons). I didn’t even recognize him, but after I did I asked to take a picture. Later on I had to sit to rest my feet and he came over by us and was talking. He was a little too talkative, but he just wanted to hang out and told us how much he missed working with everyone.

Then we walked around. Tried to get a picture with Chris Lowell (ass) and failed again. I didn’t really eat anything. How do you eat and drink at the same time? All the tables were taken. I did have a few of the very delicious drinks they were serving.

We noticed a huge line forming around the bar and realized they had a photo booth set up near the front and Kristen Bell and other cast members were taking pictures. We got in the crazy long time. As we were on line we noticed they had a VIP area off to the side. A bunch of the cast had made there way over there so I was glad we met the ones we did before. We did get a show by Enrico. He is hysterical.

We got to the front just as Kristen was leaving. She was a trooper she had been up front for almost 2 hours at this point. These pictures need no captions. Kristen Bell, Ryan Hansen and Percy Daggs III.

After Kristen left other people left too. As the party started to wind down we headed inside. I needed to sit again (stupid shoes). Jason’s mom found us again and we talked about twins and life and stuff until she left. We decided to call it quits around 12 and walk back to the hotel. When we got back we stopped in the restaurant downstairs to order food. I hadn’t had anything since noon! We saw some of our friends who only had premiere (not after party) tickets. We filled them in on the fun and then headed up to bed.

The Veronica Mars Movie Premiere was seriously one of the greatest nights of my life. It was worth the money and travel there. Every cast member (except Chris) was amazing and loved the fans. The movie was the perfect way to wrap up so many loose ends us fans wanted to know. All in all an amazing night I will never forget!


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