Whimseybox May – Paper Flowers

A few months back I kept seeing stuff about box subscriptions. One I noticed a lot of people using was Birchbox. They send you makeup/perfume/hair samples monthly for you to try. If you like them you can get larger sizes through the website. At $10 a month I thought it was a cool concept so I signed up. Then about three months ago I saw this Buzzfeed post about box subscriptions and how there were so many out there to choose from. I started going down the list but stopped when I saw they made box subscriptions for people that like to craft called Whimseybox! I liked my Birchboxes (packaged so nicely) but I am not the biggest fan of using new makeup/lotion/anything on my face so I wasn’t utilizing it as much as I should have. I made the decision to cancel my Birchbox subscription ($10 a month) and start a Whimseybox subscription ($15 a month).

I love the Whimseybox website. You don’t even have to subscribe to the boxes to look up all the great tutorials they have. I was very excited when I received my first box in the mail. It was the May Paper Flowers box.

Now to be honest as soon as I got this box I got CRAZY busy and kept putting off making the flowers. I knew they would be slightly time consuming and I didn’t want to rush through. I finally had an evening last week to make them.

When you first open your box you are treated to a lot of goodies all in one place. The box had:
– 1 pair 5.5″ Scissors
– .66 oz. bottle of Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
– 1 Xyron permanenet glue stick
– 1 roll dark green floral tape
– 20 9″ 18 gauge stem wires
– 144 double headed stamen filaments
– Tissue paper in cabernet, slate and peach
– Pink crepe paper
– Instruction guide

Every box also has a corresponding web page with detailed instructions. The paper flowers also had a petal template sheet you had to print out to cut everything to size. For all the flowers you can choose the color combinations.

I decided to start with the begonias.

First you cut out your templates and then cut your tissue paper petals (30-36).

Next you cut the middle part of the flower from the template. This piece you cut down dotted lines to give it a frayed look. The next part was difficult at first, but after a while I got the hang of it. You wrap the middle tissue paper around the wire stem and then use the floral tape to wrap it to the wire. I couldn’t understand how the floral tape was sticky, but pulling it from the roll activates the tacky area. It worked wonders. You then roll the floral tape all the way down the wire to make it look like a green stem.

Next you take the petals (3-4) and fan them out. Then you pinch and roll the bottom to group them together into a thicker looking petal. Once you are done putting them together you layer them around the stem and in small sections secure it with the floral tape wrapping around and around.

I now had my first begonia!

Next I wanted to use the crepe paper so I decided to try the dahlia. You can use the crepe paper or the tissue paper. I cut out the center part first and frayed it. This fraying was a lot more intricate and on such small pieces of paper it was a lot harder.

Next I wrapped the center around the wire and secured it with the floral tape. Then I cut out the main part and frayed it. The main part they said you can do a few of them if you want to make it fuller, but I started with just the one. After I cut it out I attached that to the center and wire with the floral tape.

Next was the peony. I messed up in the beginning by making the center and petals crepe paper when it was supposed to be tissue paper. I decided to just make myself another begonia to add to the flowers.

I understood why you needed the crepe paper for this one after I got through the initial instructions. You had to make the center (tissue paper) like the last two flowers, but the petals (12 small and 10 large) you had to flatten and fan out so they had a more cupped look. It would not have been possible with the tissue paper. I wrapped everything around the stem using the floral wire. This one was the most difficult to wrap since there were so many individual petals.

I saved my favorite flower for last, the rose. First I cut out the template and the petals (30 small and 30 large).

Then I used the stamens and wrapped them around the wire stem for the middle part. After I made the stem I had to group the petals in twos and curl the tops of the petals down to give it a wilty look. This one also had a lot of petals so it was harder to wrap the floral tape around and keep all the petals connected, but the end result was really pretty.

And I had my little bouquet of flowers!

The 5 flowers that I made (with cutting and assembly) took me about 2 hours. I was new to this and it did tend to get faster as I understood the technique more. I actually plan on making a few more flowers to fill up a vase I have. I still have a lot of tissue and crepe paper left and the box came with 20 stems so why not make 20 flowers!

This was a very fun project and it would be awesome to utilize this skill in the future. I know regular flowers smell pretty, but you can always cut a few corners at a baby shower, bridal shower or dinner party by making a bunch of these paper flowers in a lot of fun colors and spritzing them with perfume! Then guests can take them home and not worry about them dying.

You can purchase any of the Whimseybox monthly boxes through the website to try it yourself. They also make a party pack if you want to get together with a group of friends (or even your kids) and do some fun projects together.


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