Self Workout in the Park 2014

So hopefully you can tell from past blog posts that I like to exercise. I don’t always WANT to, but I know I need to. One way I keep myself motivated is by trying all different types of exercise. I love to try new classes or trends. Last year I was really into the Bar Method. This year (and for the foreseeable future) it’s Crossfit. It’s hard to try new classes though. Most gyms let you take a free or reduced price class to see if you like it, but it can be intimidating.

For the past few years SELF has been running a Workout in the Park. They have it in New York, LA and Chicago. We went for the first time in 2010 and I really enjoyed it. The day is broken into a bunch of fun exercise classes. Each run roughly an hour long. It’s at Rumsey Field in Central Park and all over are people (mainly women) working out. They also have a lot of sponsor booths where you can try new products or get coupons. One booth they REALLY need to have (which now that Cheryl works there I told her to insist) is sunscreen. It’s in the summer and it is HOT!

This year I went with my sister (who works for SELF now) and my mom. It was on a Saturday in the beginning of May and even though it wasn’t summer yet it was very sunny and hot out.

Without fail though there were thousands of women (and some men) scattered throughout the field ready for a day of fitness. We had gotten there later than we wanted because of traffic. Luckily Cheryl’s coworker Marjorie got there earlier and snagged us some space. It had rained earlier so the field was wet. We had brought yoga mats with us to put down on the ground.

One of the highlights of the day though was that Bob Harper was going to be there teaching a class! I love Bob. Sadly I didn’t get to meet him…stupid traffic. We also missed out on participating in the Crossfit section. They have a yoga and crossfit area, but you have to sign up and all the spots were gone when we got there.

All the workouts were designed by Crunch. We started with some basic cardio to get our heart rate up. Then we moved on to a cardio kickboxing workout. After that we got into the fun new workouts.

The first was Masala Bhangra. It is an Indian-dance based workout. We did it the last time we were at Workout in the Park and it is so fun! It’s dancing but NOT zumba. The creator Sarina Jain is the one who was teaching us and she is just so motivational and fun!

Next up was POUND. It is a workout that you do using two pound sticks (they are like green plastic drum sticks). It was fun, but kind of difficult to do since we are all so jammed in together. I kept thinking I was going to smack someone or loose grip on the drum stick and it was going to fly off and hit someone!

After pound I was tired and it was hot out. I decided to take a stroll around the booths and see what goodies they had.

My first stop was at the Lifeway stand. They had frozen kefir ice cream bars which were very refreshing on a hot day.  I had the pear bar and it hit the spot!

lifeway kefir frozen

Next I grabbed a bag (or 2) of popchips to snack on later. I love popchips. A much healthier alternative when I want something crunchy.


I also found my newest obsession while I was there. Bai5 water. It is healthy (low calorie) water in so many amazing flavors. They had giant tubs of bottles of all different flavors and you could take as many as you want. I grabbed a few extra to bring home with me. 10 calories for the whole bottle!

I went back and put some of the stuff I had grabbed down. I noticed there were a few clothing companies there but the lines were very long. Athleta was selling apparel, Victoria’s Secret was showing their new line of sports bras, and Reebok had a lot of new sneakers for people to try on.

We did another cardio/strength class. It was mixed with dance, but it wasn’t the easiest to follow. It was a bunch of combinations all together and everyone around me was running into each other. I decided to head back over and see if I had missed anything.

I found the Garnier booth. They were giving out samples and headband/sweatbands for everyone.

Next I found the KIND booth. I grabbed a few lot for later.


The last thing I grabbed on my way back to where we were sitting was GoGo Squeez Applesauce Pounches. I am OBSESSED with these now. They are such a great snack, they are portable and they are all natural. I have only tried the regular applesauce one, but they come in a TON of flavors I need to try ASAP.

GoGo Squeez Applesauce

What an awesome day. Outside in the fresh air and sunshine learning about fitness and trying new good for you products.

Bob’s class was the last class of the day so we HAD to stay until the end. Of course as the day was winding down the (predicted) rain clouds started rolling in. It started to drizzle JUST as Bob got on stage. He didn’t let that stop him though OR let it stop us.

Now Bob is an in-your-face kind of guy. After about 10 minutes he got off stage and moved through the crowd yelling at people and telling them to keep moving and push harder. I was enjoying the exercise…until he told us to get down on the ground to do push ups. The ground was gross and muddy from the rain the day before and now getting worse with the new rain. I opted out of push ups, but then he wanted us on our backs for sit ups, then burpees! A lot of people did it an man were they gross. Covered in mud front and back. I guess if I lived in NY and didn’t have to sit in a car on the way home it would not have been a big deal. I did though so we skipped the last few minutes of Bob’s workout and headed back to the car.

It was a really fun day. I love all the people outside exercising together. If you are interested make sure to check out SELF next year (or just subscribe to the mag) to find out when it is.



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