Where in the World…Los Angeles

So after the few days we spent in San Francisco we headed to Los Angeles. I had been to LA before in college with some friends. We went to see the Ellen Degeneres show. It was a good trip but hard. We were not old enough to rent a car so we took public transportation everywhere and we were broke so we didn’t stay in the nicest area.

This time we decided to stay right by the TLC Chinese Theatre which is where the Veronica Mars Premiere was going to be. Our flight out of San Francisco was delayed, but not by too much. We got to LA in the early afternoon. We had booked a shuttle bus to take us to the hotel. We stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard. We had a pretty nice view from our room.

After we checked in we decided to go walk around and get lunch. We saw them setting up a movie premiere at the El Capitan Theatre. It was for the new muppets movie!

We strolled through the TLC Chinese Theatre handprints. I love how old actors and new actors are all grouped together. I think they change them out though because some were different than I remembered.

We kept walking and saw a sign for Cabo Wabo. I love Mexican so we decided to have lunch there. I had a salad since I wanted to fit into my dress for the premiere! After lunch we grabbed a cab and headed to the Warner Bros. Studio for the backlot tour. We also did the tour the last time we were here, but my mom hadn’t and a lot of shows had changed over the years. The cab was a long ride and expensive. It’s really difficult to get around in LA.

We checked in then got some Starbucks while we waited for our tour to start. We also tried to figure out what to do the following day. We were going to do a bus tour but they were so expensive and we didn’t want to miss the premiere. Finally our tour started. We watched the intro video and then headed to the golf carts. First we drove through the scenery department (walls of the Big Bang Theory set) it’s where they keep and make set pieces. Then we headed over to where they keep all the cool cars. They had the Nerd Herd vehicle from Chuck, a lot of the Batman cars and the Harry Potter flying Ford Anglia!

They had a green screen set up and asked for volunteers to pose with the Hogwarts Express. Of course we wanted to do it.

Next we moved on to the prop department. It’s crazy how many props they keep. If you were a hoarder this would be the job for you! They did have Dexter’s chair though. A lot of famous props they don’t reuse or loan out.

In the props area they had a room behind a “secret” door. Inside was the set of FRIENDS. They had all the main pieces like the couch and the cafe stuff. It was pretty cool.

Then we were back on the cart. We headed over to some sound stages. We went to the one for the Mentalist, but I personally don’t like that show. Totally ripped of PSYCH! Then we went to the outside town area. When we were here last time it was Star’s Hollow from Gilmore Girls. Now they use it for shows like Pretty Little Liars.

The end of the tour brought us to the museum. They had props and costumes from all of their famous shows like The Big Bang Theory, Smallville, Gilmore Girls. I loved seeing all the old stuff from shows I was obsessed with.

Then the best part that I didn’t even know about was that the entire top floor was dedicated to HARRY POTTER. Props and costumes and even a sorting hat (I got Gryffindor). You were not allowed to use flash so the pictures are pretty dark, but it was so cool. I was up there most of the time until we had to leave.

After the tour they brought us back to the main area. We asked them to call a cab for us. Again the cab ride back was expensive. I wish I had known about Uber then! We got back and had dinner then went to bed.

The next day Cheryl and I decided we were going to get up early and hike Runyon Canyon. It’s what all the celebrities do! We also wanted to exercise before the premiere that night and what better way to enjoy the sunshine. The entrance was a 20 minute walk from our hotel and we decided to head out early before it got really hot.

There were so many people out running and walking their dogs. The whole area was very well kept. We started walking up. We were mainly following people around us since we had no idea where we were going. We just knew it was up.

Halfway up we started to see the LA skyline. It was difficult to see through all the fog/smog though, but as it got later that lifted and you could see pretty clearly.

As we got closer to the top we started to see houses in the hills. I could only imagine how expensive they must be. All those pretty houses and pools and no one was outside using them! It was during the week though.

We hit the top and realized there was nowhere else to go so we headed back down. Certain areas were very steep and there were a lot of dogs no on leashes (allowed) but I was so nervous for them when they were running around. All in all it was a very good walk and a great way to start the morning.

When we got back we got some coffee and fruit from the shop downstairs (we had coffee before we went too). We got dressed and headed to lunch. We decided to go to Mel’s Drive-In. The food was good. I had another salad. Need to fit into my dress!

Then we decided to spend the rest of the day by the pool. We had met some other people there for the premiere the night before so we hung out with them until we had to get ready. Pools and sunshine in March. I will take it!

Next week I will FINALLY bring you my Veronica Mars Movie Premiere post.


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