Instagramming June 2014

Now that summer is here I don’t want it to ever leave. I love the sunshine and warm weather and being able to go outside and go on adventures! June was filled with A LOT of outdoor fun and I can only imagine it will continue the rest of the summer.

1. We finally finished our backyard oasis! I love sitting outside and reading or even eating dinner now that we have a comfortable place to be.
2. The weather in the beginning of June was fabulous. It was warm and even though it rained a lot warm rain is better than cold rain any day.
3. My Disney Park Calendar was the Country Bear Jamboree this month. I didn’t realize until I became an adult how inappropriate that show was!
4. I helped my coworker Laura paint her new place.
5. I got sick but I took a lot of meds to feel better. No being sick in summer!
6. Crossfit has been great. I feel so much stronger and more toned.
7. We participated in the Oakley 10K in Central Park. It was a beautiful day and we went to a brunch in the Penthouse nearby after.
8. We went to the Catskills again but this time to kayak. It was an AMAZING day!
9. I finally found a chocolate protein powder I like from Tone It Up
10. I started running more, even in the heat
11. We went to Brooklyn Brewery for my friend Ray’s birthday and we ran into some high school friends including Estelle!
12. I love how late the sun sets. 9pm and I can still be out doing things. The sunsets lately have been amazing as well
13. We celebrate AJ’s first birthday! I can’t believe he is a year already.
14. I just started my 3 day Green Smoothie Cleanse. Summer and bathing suits go hand-in-hand

Hope everyone had a great June. July is already jam packed with the 4th of July, summer concerts, camping a trip to DC, a garage sale and a trip to Sea Isle. Can’t wait!


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