Elephant Baby Shower Suite

There are so many themes out there for baby showers. Depending on if it’s a boy, a girl, a surprise, multiples, who knows! It did a suite for my cousin. It was a Winnie the Pooh theme and I have gotten a lot of great feedback for it. I was getting so many requests I made my own Etsy shop! Right now I just have the Winnie the Pooh shower, but I am planning on adding more stuff in the future.

I recently did a shower suite for a baby shower that was this past Saturday. The grandmother-to-be wanted an elephant theme. I thought that was pretty cute and tried to pitch the “little peanut” ideas to her. She said she called her daughter peanut when she was a baby and didn’t want it along those lines. So I looked online for elephant and shower images to work with. I found a few things that I could use for reference points when drawing.

They knew the baby was going to be a girl so they wanted pink and grey as the colors. They also wanted to include the father on the card (which I personally like) and also a book wishing well. She had originally asked to write something about “instead of cards sign the inside of the book”. I personally think this is one of the dumber ideas. There are really only so many baby books and what if you get 7 of the same book. You can’t return them if they all have inscriptions inside. I told her my issues with the idea and she agreed so we went with a more “bring a book” idea instead.

No shower is complete without shower games. I have a bingo card template that is pretty easy to change depending on theme. Unfortunately I only had a Disney/Pooh themed word search. I remade it into a generic work search then had my coworkers play it to make sure I did’t accidentally have extra words (or bad/mean words) in it.

Lastly the grandmother-to-be wanted to have themed thank you cards made so the mother-to-be didn’t have to worry about going out and getting them. I did a folding card blank inside so she could write a little note.

I really like the way this suite came out. It can definitely be changed to gender neutral or for a boy. Thoughts?


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