Project Life – May 2014

I am still rolling along on the Project Life train. Even though I bought two starter packs with cards I have yet to really use any. I just take so many pictures!

The end of April/beginning of May was spent in Atlanta visiting our friend Jill. We went to an awesome doughnut shop called Revolution Doughnuts where I learned how much my body hates sugar. We also got to go to a kick-ass street fair and attempted a scavenger hunt (I was out of commission at that point). My little cousin AJ turned 10 months! I got new running shoes, it got hot, it got cold and I was the photographer for my triplet cousins communion.

The following week was Cinco De Mayo! We didn’t do a work lunch the day of because everywhere would be crowded, so we went the following day. I love Mexican food (mainly guacamole). I did my first “run” in months. We participated in the Nutley 5K with our crossfit group. It was at this point where I realized how out of running shape I was. I had work events, I painted the kitchen, and we celebrated our friend’s bachlorette party. The week ended with the SELF Workout in the Park. Bob Harper was there and did an in-your-face intense workout.

Mother’s Day was this week and we got to show our mom how much we loved her by….doing yard work? Haha the yard is her favorite place in the summer so we cleaned up to get ready for our new gazebo when it came. I had two trade shows this week. One in South Jersey and one in NYC. Both were strange (as most shows are) but it is days not in the office so I can’t complain. We headed to Philly for the weekend to celebrate Lauren’s birthday. Friday we went to a new bar called the Ugly Moose. I love the decor and the staff was so nice. The next day we celebrated at XFinity Live in Philadelphia. Crab Fries from Chickie & Pete’s does NOT like me. I started feeling sick as the night went on, but toughed it out. Other than that it was a very fun night. Awesome band playing outside and great friends.

Sunday we went to the Phillies game. I love tailgating, but it was cold and EARLY so we didn’t really get to tailgate. The week was pretty uneventful. Friday our gazebo was finally delivered so we of course put it together (even with a threat of rain). LOVE it! That weekend was Memorial Day weekend and we had 2 (yes 2) weddings in a row.The first on Saturday was for a friend from high school and my bestie Cindy was the maid of honor. It was fun, but it rained (outdoor ceremony) but they didn’t let it stop them.

We had a wedding in South Jersey the next day for Frank and Jenn (friends from home) and we knew a lot more people going. It was at a winery so we drank lots of wine. Finally Monday I got to relax a little in the backyard. Not the beach, but it was something. That week I went to the Oakley strength training class in NYC. AJ turned 11 months! This kid is growing up too fast. My cousin Chris is moving to NYC from Wisconsin so he is using our house for storage. He stayed with us a few days then went on a whirlwind of vacations.

The last weekend of May was the 1 year anniversary of my dad’s death. Even thinking about it now makes me emotional. I can’t believe he has been gone an entire year. There are times I wake up in the morning and expect him to be sitting on the couch. Because it would be a tough day we decided to keep ourselves as busy as possible. In the morning we went to Home depot and got new stones for under the grill outside. My mom had wanted a patio outside, but then we got the gazebo. So we decided to just put a patio UNDER the gazebo. We got recycled tire pavers from Home Depot as well and started digging up the grass under the patio. We stopped in the early afternoon when my cousins came over with AJ and my Aunt came over too. We had Relay for Life and my Aunt didn’t want my mom alone so they babysat AJ in the backyard under the gazebo. At night we attempted to go to the NJ Food Truck Festival at the Meadowlands Race Track, but it was MOBBED. We ate at a new place called the Dog & Cask instead and toasted to my dad.

May was a good month and June is also turning about to be just as fun. I always am in a better mood in the summer when it is warm.

Happy Friday!


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