Running with Oakley

So I have mentioned before that my sister works for Self Magazine online. Working in publishing sometimes gets you perks. When people send products to work and some of our editors don’t want them they will give them to us sometimes or put it on the free table. Since Cheryl works for a consumer magazine she gets a lot more perks than me. One of those perks is she gets invited to events to write/tweet/blog about them. If none of her other coworkers can go she will sometimes ask if I can tag along. Sometimes they say yes, sometimes they say no. This time though they said yes!

Cheryl was asked by Oakley if she wanted to participate in the Oakley Mini 10K. They also let me participate which I was excited about. The last time I ran the Mini was 2010 when I was doing the 9+1 to get into the NYC Marathon. I remembered loving the race because it was all women and during the summer so it was a warmer race.

Oakley emailed us a training plan for the 10K and asked us for our sizes (in everything). The first Oakley event was a strength training session in NYC at Ramscale Studios in NY. They had a session in the morning and in the evening. Since I don’t work in NY I had to take a half day, but I didn’t mind because I really wanted to attend. Michelle Lovitt was going to be the trainer running the class and she is pretty amazing.

A few days before Cheryl got packages at her office with some Oakley gear for us. We got two tank tops, capris, socks, headbands and a sports bra. The studio was really nice. It was set up with yoga mats, towels, water and backpacks for each person attending.

When we arrived and checked in they gave us each a new pair of Asics! I always run in Asics so I was beyond happy.

The class was mainly using resistance bands. I have been doing crossfit for a month or two now so I figured I could handle the middle resistance band. I could…for about 15 minutes, then I had to switch to the lower one because my arms were on fire. The class was great I definitely felt the burn.

After the class they had a bunch of green/beet juices and protein bars for us. They also reminded us to keep up with our running training.

They also said we each got a backpack full of goodies and we could keep the yoga mat and bag to put it in. The backpack had a pair of Oakley sunglasses. I have always wanted running sunglasses, but I never knew if they would annoy me or not. Now I get to try them out! The bag also had some headbands, socks, and other fitness goodies.

This past Saturday was the Oakley Mini 10K. Now I have to be honest. I did not train as much as I should have. I have been having problems balancing crossfit at 5:30am and running. I try to sleep in every other day and sometimes I can’t get to the gym at lunch or after work. I ran a few times in the days leading up to the run so I was confident I could finish it.

A few days before the run we got another delivery of Oakley’s fall gear to wear. We got a few more tank tops, capris, shorts, socks, headbands and a sport bra. The race started at 8am so we got up at 6am to get ready and leave for the city. We got in a little earlier than we had anticipated so we hung out in the car for a little then parked in a garage and headed to Central Park. We were able to utilize the media/vip tent for the race. It was right next to the finish line. They had water and food for us to fuel before the run.

I am not the best at striking up conversations with people. Cheryl and I tried to talk to a few people but we mainly got ourselves prepared for the run and ate/drank.

I didn’t realize until right before we were heading to the start line that Ashley Greene was there running the race as well. Also Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up were running! I can’t talk to famous people so I just stared and smiled.

Soon we were headed over to Central Park West to get into the corrals for the race. The race was partnered with NYRR and Oakley so we had to sign up through NYRR. I had been really fast a few years ago when I was running Central Park for the 9+1 races. My average pace was 8:36, sadly it is nowhere near that anymore. NYRR though keeps records and bases your bib on your fastest pace so I was in corral 2 and Cheryl was in corral 3. I knew most people around us would fly past us in the start.

The morning had been relatively cool. I had a long sleeve shirt on walking to Central Park. It started to warm up though when the race was starting and the sun started to come out. After they announced the elite runners and sang the National Anthem the gun went off and the race was on. I was surprised there was no corral separation. I guess I have gotten so used to the runDisney races where corrals are held for a few minutes apart. We just all kind of moved forward and started when you got to the start line.

The first mile was ok. I went slow because I always start off faster than I should so I made sure not to do that. Once we turned right into the park I was feeling pretty good but also sweating a lot. I forgot how humid it could be that early in the morning.

Cheryl and I ran together and we made sure to stop at all the water stations to keep hydrated (I also don’t mind the little walk breaks). Around mile 4 the hills were starting to get to me. I forgot how hilly Central Park was! I used to run it so often it didn’t bother me but my training runs have one or two hills in it. I was back to the rolling hills of the park.

Around mile 5 Cheryl and I both had to stop a few times and take walk breaks. Between the sun, the sweat pouring off me and the humidity, I felt like I was going to combust! One awesome thing was the most volunteers were guys. Since a lot of men run the NYRR races on the weekends they really had nothing to do at an all women’s race but volunteer. A lot of the NY running clubs had their male members off to the side cheering all the women on. It was a nice thing to see.

Finally we were heading downhill and turning toward the final 800m. I yelled at Cheryl not to leave me. She has a better final kick then me and tends to leave me in the dust and I didn’t want that since the Oakley tent was right at the finish line. We crossed together in 1:07:23. Which is A LOT slower than my pervious 10K runs. For now I have a lot of things I can blame it on (heat, lack of training, etc.) but I am going to accept it and move on and plan on running more.

After the race there was a brunch at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel. The hotel was a few blocks away and Cheryl wanted to go to the Apple store so we headed there first before heading to brunch. A few of the people who had flown in were also staying at the hotel and they showered before the brunch. Mostly everyone else was still in running attire though. The view from the penthouse over Central Park was amazing.

We had some mimosas and some awesome food. I love food and I always tend to overeat. Cheryl and I have been on a diet the past few weeks and I didn’t want to mess that up. I had an egg white omelette (prepared fresh there), some fruit, a piece of bacon, and some shrimp/avocado salad. Everything was outstanding and we were able to chat with a few other bloggers and Oakley representatives. We also got another goodies bag with a Tone It Up DVD and some of their bars/protein powders, some sunscreen from Coola, a freezable lunch bag and KIND bars.

All in all it was a great day and an amazing experience I hope to be able to have again! Thank you Oakley for letting me partake!


6 thoughts on “Running with Oakley

  1. This is so cool you got to do this … plus the awesome brunch, fitness class, free swag AND AHHH FREE ASICS … so amazing! Oh and you saw Ashley Greene, hahaha, I didn’t know she ran! Honestly don’t be discouraged by your time, the Central Park hills are really terrible. I swear I’m only just starting to acclimate to them after about four months of running/racing on them. I’m just bummed I didn’t see you guys! You should try to see if you can get someone to sponsor you guys for some more New York races!!!


    • Yes I definitely have to try and run in Central Park more. Now especially with the nice weather. We have to meet up for Philly this year! It’s my first time running this marathon, but I love running in Philly.


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