Disney Marketplace

You know when life just throws a lot of stuff at you at once? That is the way I had been feeling recently. I felt like with working two jobs, freelance projects, home improvement projects, spending time with friends and family, exercising and oh ya sleep I had so much going on. I decided to stop blogging for a little while to organize myself and now I am back. I have most of the freelance projects done, the home improvement projects are always ongoing but the big ones are done and amazing!

I have so much content I want to share but of douse I forgot my hard drive at home today. We are getting the front of our house landscaped and he got there at 7:30 this morning which sent me into a tailspin and I rushed out of the house after finally getting ready.

Even though I can’t really update you on anything new in my life just yet I do want to show you my newest obsession. Disney Marketplace Co-Op. Now by obsession I mean I go on almost daily to see if any new merchandise has been added. I will also put a bunch of stuff in my cart, but I have not yet bought anything. Weird right? Well I REALLY really want to just go to the store in person. I know I am a nut but I really want to. I don’t have any Disney trips planned until February for the Princess Half. That is if I get in! I will be down in October at Universal and I might steal my Aunt’s car and go to Downtown Disney to see this place.

The Disney Centerpiece is my favorite. I love all the cool plates and glasses. My favorite glass is the Haunted Mansion Tumbler

Haunted Mansion TUmbler

They also USED to have a very cute Haunted Mansion chalkboard tile coaster. But of course I didn’t buy it right away and now it’s no longer available on the site.

Haunted Mansion Coaster

After reading At Disney Again‘s post from visiting the store I decided I had to wait to go. Look at all the amazing stuff there!

Once I have my trusty hard drive back tomorrow I will start posting about all the stuff I have been up to lately. Happy Monday!


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