Instagramming May 2014

As you may have guesses, May was a busy month. I mean the last time I posted was May 7th! I think this month’s grid really shows off just how busy I was.

1. Ok so my first new app obsession is Authentic. It is a weather app that tells you how it is. I love looking at the funny phrases it gives me
2. I NEED to start running so I bought some new Asics. Sadly I still haven’t gone on a run longer than 3 miles in months
3. My second new favorite app is Moldiv. It is a collage photo app. I take a lot of pictures and I like being able to make a collage of them instead of uploading each one
4. Now that Cheryl works for SELF we decided to go to Workout in the Park. She got some perks (free admission, private potties, photos on stage) but sadly I didn’t get to REALLY meet Bob Harper (love him) but he did do his workout in the crowd so really everyone met him.
5. We celebrated Mother’s Day with my mama by vowing to turn our backyard into an amazing place to sit and relax. It is one of her favorite things to do. We hit Lowe’s and bought a gazebo, a new lawnmower and Cheryl got a mini chainsaw to do yard work.
6. The following week I had back to back trade shows in South Jersey and New York. Lots of running around and I am STILL trying to finish editing the videos.
7. Lauren’s Birthday rolled around so we headed down to Philly to celebrate. We went to XFinity Live on Saturday night and the Phillies game on Sunday. We were supposed to all get phonetic glasses but it was false advertising (only for kids) so we bought Lauren a pair.
8. It’s starting to get warmer out!
9. We finally got the gazebo we ordered delivered and decided to put it up before it started to rain. It was a challenge since we are all short but we did it!
20. Memorial Day weekend I had 2 (yes 2) weddings to attend
21. The first wedding was at Flander’s Valley for a high school friend Christine. Cindy was her maid of honor. The rain tried to put a damper on things but it couldn’t stop them from getting married outside in a gazebo. The reception was fun but not as much dancing as I am used to.
22. The following day we headed to South Jersey for a wedding at Valenzano Winery. It was a gorgeous day out and we got some really great pictures outside. Also a lot less dancing than I would have liked but definitely fun.
23. On Monday I got to finally relax in the backyard and tan a little
24. Cheryl gets perks at SELF but I got to be involved too. We are running the Oakley Women’s 10K in a few weeks. We went to a great strength training session in the city and I got a lot of awesome new goodies including glasses, shoes, clothes, a bag and lots more.
25. I joined WhimseyBox and got my first box of paper flowers, I haven’t had time to make them yet though!
26. My cousin Chris is moving to NYC so he came to visit/drop some stuff off at our house to store until he moves. It is so nice to see family. We had dinner at my cousin’s and a huge get-together.
27. The month ended with us starting another outdoor patio project (under the gazebo)
28. Relay for Life was moved down the block by my house. We headed over to the old band field and saw that the rock our class had left was still there and in PRISTINE condition.

On the 31st of May it marked the one year anniversary of my dad’s death. The pain and sadness really never go away. I find myself driving home from work sometimes thinking about things and just all of a sudden breaking down and crying. The pain just gets easier to deal with after a while, but I will always have this huge void that I don’t think will ever be filled. I am so lucky to have my mom, sister and amazing family.


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