Project Life – April 2014

April was my first “normal” month of Project Life. I didn’t have any crazy trips except for Switzerland for work, but that I kept to a minimum with pictures.

The beginning of April started off with a goal to exercise more…that really hasn’t happened yet but I am still exercising. My main man AJ turned 9 months and I headed off to Switzerland for work.

Switzerland was nice. It was spring there so they had lots of flowers and the weather was warmer than here. I worked a lot at the show but also ate some delicious food, drank A LOT and tried to fit in exercise. I loved walking around and seeing all the amazing chocolate sculptures.

When I got back I went to my first Phillies game of the year. I also went hiking with Cheryl and Cindy in the Catskills.

The end of April was Easter and the weather started warming up (only to get cold again). I also headed down to Atlanta with Cheryl to visit our friend Jill. She ran the Tough Mudder and I was the photographer. The downside was how sunburnt my fair skin got after finally being in sunshine!

When I first started project life I bought two of the card kits but now I think it was a waste of my money. I have barely used any! I need to figure out how to print on the journaling cards from my printer because the designs are so cute but I don’t want to handwrite anything. Ideas?


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