Project Life – March 2014

I never knew how exhausted I could be until I came back from Switzerland….and that was 2 weeks ago! On Friday we left Switzerland around 9am and landed in Newark at noon. The flight was 6 hours long so needless to say my body was like WTF! I went home and forced myself to stay awake until around 10 when I finally passed out. Monday startled a whirlwind of work. I came back to 3 magazine deadlines and an office move at my second job. Not to mention we had Friday off for Good Friday.

Last weekend was Easter. I went hiking in the Catskills to Poet’s Ledge (post eventually) which was really fun. Then we went out to the bar that night and I was STILL exhausted. Sunday was a very low-key small family thing. Monday started another crazy week of work. My magazines finally closed yesterday so today I can finally breathe! Luckily in all that time I was still able to keep up with my Project Life. I had to do a few cards a day because of how crazy I was, but I made it a point to not fall behind again. In the rush though I completely forgot to post my March pages!

March started off with Christine’s Bridal Shower, office relocations and renovations, Crossfit and Cheryl’s haircut! Isn’t AJ a cutie :)

March had more pages than normal because there was no way I could fit all the fun we had in California into just one spread! So each day got it’s own. I am not going to be able to life this book by the end of the year. When we got to California we went to Fisherman’s Wharf and then took a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The next day is broken into two spreads. I got this envelope page to fit all the maps, menus and goodies we got all in one place! We went for a morning run, climbed Lombard Street, walked through the Haight and visited the Disney Family Museum. We ended the day with an ice cream sundae from Ghiradelli.

Next we headed on a boat out to Alcatraz. When we got back from exploring the island we took a cable car to Chinatown for the most delicious food. I still crave the honey shrimp my mom had! I have been looking everywhere (and tasting too) to find some place that has honey chicken that can compare…no go.

Mid-week we headed to LA. When we got there we checked in then headed over the the Warner Brothers tour.

The next morning to prep for the VM premiere Cheryl and I did the LA thing and hiked Runyon Canyon Park. Then we got lunch and hung out by the pool.

Finally the reason for our trip had arrived. The Veronica Mars Movie premiere. It really was the best night of my life!

Then the fun was over and it was back to NJ we went. The following week was St. Patty’s Day. Work had a nice spread and we celebrated down in Philly with our friends. The first day of spring we got our traditional free Rita’s. On the plane to Cali I had been reading the Divergent series. I finished just in time and we went to see the movie. It was good but I hate when they change too much from the books.

Finally the month was drawing to a close. We went to see Jillian Michaels tour and got to meet her! I finally got my desk at work, I got to see my little man AJ and we started painting the new studio.

A lot has happened in April which is also almost over. Off to Atlanta this weekend!

Have a great weekend!


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