Switzerland – Day 4

I thought the show on Tuesday was hectic, but it was nothing compared to yesterday.

I didn’t go to the gym in the morning because after my nap Tuesday night I couldn’t sleep and so I reset my alarm and slept in. I met with everyone for breakfast around 7:30 again. Once we were done we headed over to the show around 8. The bus was once again crowded, but at least it wasn’t raining.

I forgot to show how they can transform the show space in just one night. Before and after

At the show I did back to back videos from 9-12. By the end I had 7 videos to work on. I headed down to the press office to start editing around noon. Once there I felt like I was chained to the desk. Luckily there weren’t many other people in the office so I was by myself.

Around 3 I realized the last time I had eaten was 7:30 that morning but the office closed at 6 and I needed to get at least 4 videos done. So instead of food I had rocket fuel aka European coffee. This stuff is STRONG.

The videos were a lot more time consuming than I had hoped. One woman had talked for over 20 minutes and even though Karen gave me notes about which parts to use, it still took a while. I was able to get the 4th video uploaded by 6:20 and then I took a very long bus ride home. I made it back just in time to head to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Geneva. We went last time and for weeks all I could think about was the food.

Patara is a thai restaurant down by the lake. We tend to turn it into a tapas place because the food is so good we want to try a little of everything. I was STARVING so I was so excited to eat. We had a bunch of appetizers like thai tacos, spring rolls, tuna carpaccio, dumplings. I would have gotten photos but we devoured it quick. The coolest were the prawns in an actual shell. I got lobster and scallop curry as my meal. I asked for a less spicy sauce but they didn’t oblige and after a while I could barely feel my lips but I kept eating because the food was just too good.

After dinner we decided to head over to the Brittania for drinks. We walked in and everyone was staring at the TV screens where a soccer game was on. It was so hot inside and everyone was intently watching this game so we decided to go somewhere else.

There is a very pretty looking church across the street Basilique Norte-Dame de Geneve.

We went down the street to Les Brasseurs. Inside it smelled like puke and was again hot so we got drinks and sat outside.

One thing about Europe is they always warn you about pickpockets. There are signs everywhere but I was shocked when I was told there have been a bunch on the show floor! I always keep an eye on my stuff but I have to be extra cautious until I leave.


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