Switzerland – Day 3

Day one of the show is officially over and man was it a long day. For those of you who have never been to a tradeshow, they are not glamorous. I mean to be honest it’s awesome that I got to go to Switzerland, but the show itself is long and hectic. Especially now since I feel like I have to make these amazing videos.

Yesterday I set my alarm for 5am to go to the gym. In hindsight I did not need to go that early, but once I am up I am UP.

Brian showed up in the gym about an hour later. He was smart and slept a little longer. After the gym I headed back to my room and got ready. We had decided to meet for breakfast around 7:30 since we had to be at the show by 9. Breakfast was good. They have mini mutely packets that I am obsessed with!

After breakfast we headed to the show in the rain. Good thing I brought an umbrella. We take the bus to the show and it was PACKED! I felt like a sardine and everyone was wet and sweaty and smelled. Not a fun ride. Once we got to the show we organized the booth and started the day. It’s crazy how many people go to these things.

I did 2 video interviews in the morning and then taped the opening ribbon cutting and then the awards. It was a long morning and I was exhausted when I got to the press office to start editing. This is my new home for the next few days!

From noon until 3:30 I was editing like a mad woman. It gets tiring staring at the same thing all day long.

At 3:30 I had to go back and shoot another video. I realized then that I hadn’t eaten yet so I grabbed a little salad to hold me over. After I raced back downstairs to edit the last video before the end of the day. I got everything done and uploaded in time! I mean I am an official photographer and all.

When the show ended at 6 we all crammed back onto another excruciating bus ride back to the hotel. The sales guys were going to some reception right after. Karen had asked me to go to dinner with her but I had just eaten so I told her I would wait to go with the sales guys later. Big mistake. I passed out when I got back by accident and woke up around 8:30. The sales guys finally got back around 9:30 so I grabbed dinner with them in the restaurant next to the hotel. The curry pasta I had was delicious.

Because of my poorly timed nap I could not fall asleep! I also had a loud guy talking on speakerphone in the room next door that didn’t help. I skipped the gym this morning because I was just too damn tired. Now another day of the show!


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