Switzerland – Day 2

We got to Switzerland early this time. 3 years ago when we arrived we had to go straight to the show to set up since it started the following day. Because the show didn’t start until Tuesday we were able to relax Sunday. My boss decided we should all sleep in and meet to go set up the show around 2pm.

I don’t know why but I woke up around 7am. Once I was up I couldn’t get back to sleep. I woke up PARCHED…blame all the beer and salty foods. I went downstairs to grab some of the free continental breakfast. I felt like a slob in my pajamas when everyone else was dressed nice for the day. Oh well….I drank about 15 mini glasses of apple juice too.

After I ate I went to get coffee at Starbucks. Europeans drink strong coffee or espresso. When I got back I relaxed and attempted to watch Game of Thrones. You can’t stream any of the TV show stations outside of the US :(

I decided I needed more sleep so I took a nap. Around 11 I decided to go check out the hotel gym. I was bummed when I realized there was no treadmill…only some weird elliptical/stepper hybrid and 2 bikes. They did have a baby barbell and weights for me to use though.

My texts have been weird over here and I didn’t get a text from my coworker asking if I wanted to run around the lake until an hour after she sent it. Bummer.

After I worked out I got ready for the day and met my coworkers in the lobby at 1. We went to Starbucks again and then headed over to the show. Trade shows are weird things. In Europe they are HUGE. The booths people buy and have set up are massive and expensive. When we go for setup its organized hysteria with all the people that work there trying to get everything set up.

This will look completely different once everything is set up. We organized magazines and the booth and then hung out for a little figuring out the e-newsletter. Karen, Tim and I had neglected to eat lunch before we went and we wound up not leaving the show until 4pm. We hopped the bus and headed back down to our hotel. We decided to walk down to the lake to get food and found a cute spot right on the water where we could sit outside. Even though the food is technically free I still feel bad spending a lot. It’s difficult to not spend a lot in Geneva though.

I decided to get a caesar salad and a half order of escargot (6 pieces instead of 12). It was the best escargot I have ever had. Even better than the French pavilion at the Disney Food & Wine Festival….and that is saying a lot.

Europe is also notoriously slow at service. We didn’t finish up until around 6 and then headed back to the hotel. My boss let us know they were meeting at 7:15 to go get a drink and then dinner with this guy Richard (British accent) from a company in the industry. I had met him the last time I was here so I decided to go and just drink. We went to my favorite bar again….the Brittania.

After the 5th round of drinks we finally decided to go grab food since the show was the following day and being hangover at a trade show is not fun. One of my coworkers, Matt, got his beer in an awesome glass which I took from the bar. The bars get these glasses for free from the beer companies so I never feel bad about taking them.

I also made a bold statement how I wasn’t a clepto I just didn’t get paid enough to afford nice things…oh well my boss laughed it off. We headed down the street to Les Brasseurs and got pizza. It was pretty good and of course more beer.

All of us originally said we wanted to get to bed early…sadly I wasn’t back in my room until 12:30 and I am getting up at 5am for the gym before the show tomorrow! It is going to be a long day.


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